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It would be a travesty in common sense terms of Australian democracy for that proposition not to be put to the Australian people.
She welcomed the organising the Omani Cultural Days in Sydney and pointed out that these Days will raise awareness of the Australian people of the history, heritage and culture of Oman.
I'm very grateful for the support the Australian people gave me.
I believe that I continue to retain the confidence of the Australian people,'' Howard said Tuesday, adding he accepts the judgments of the Australian public.
Commander of Joint Task Force 630 Lieutenant Colonel Rod Lang said the Australian people can be proud of the work done by Defence personnel to help speed up the Philippines recovery.
Will Ferrell has delivered a message to the Australian people a day ahead of the federal election through his famous movie character Ron Burgundy.
Visits by the Queen are etched into the collective memory of the Australian people," Gillard said in a statement.
I can't speak for the Brits and the attitude they have taken to these Commonwealth Games, but they are important to me, important to the Australian people and that's why I am here," Meares said.
He will make a full statement to the Australian people in the coming week.
The Australian people know it was the Kevin Rudd camp that released information and so breached cabinet confidence against Julia Gillard and revealed her opposition to pension increases and a paid parental leave scheme," Bishop said.
Gusmao appealed to the ''good will and generosity'' of the Australian people and the state and federal governments to consider the issue ''within the spirit of mutual understanding.
I thank Dr David Kemp, Mrs Henderson and Sir David Smith for their willingness to serve the Australian people as members of the Advisory Council of this iconic cultural institution, Senator Brandis said.
In a 33-31 vote, the opposition and minor parties combined to criticize the government for sending troops to the Middle East without a proper explanation to the Australian people.
Labor and the Greens last night voted against a motion in the Legislative Council in support of the Federal Government s intention to abolish the carbon tax and in a shameful decision to support this tax against the will of the Australian people.
The Australian people have demonstrated themselves to be remarkably attached to institutions that work.
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