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the basic unit of money in Australia and Nauru

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This leaves those traders and investors who are long of Australian dollars vulnerable to a slide that could see the currency back at parity against its US counterpart.
We introduced this new market to meet demand from our clients, and we expect to add to levels of transparency and increase the efficiency of the Australian dollar market," said Chris Collett, head of European and Australian government bonds at Tradeweb.
Kangaroo bonds are Australian dollar denominated bonds sold by foreign borrowers in Australia.
Shares in Brambles fell in February after it warned a glut of pallets had hit profits and costs from shifting this backlog totalled 27 million Australian dollars (pounds 10.
Copy was written for a local audience, and the newsletter was priced in Australian dollars.
8 million Australian dollars the amount that Australia has promised to donate to the multinational body, which is charged with providing North Korea with two light-water reactors in return for Pyongyang's promise to dismantle its weapons-grade nuclear facilities.
Project operating and capital costs are paid in Australian dollars.
Customers in China can now receive their money transfers in Australian dollars at any Bank of China, CITIC Bank, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China branch locations
Chief executive Alan Joyce said chief rival Virgin Australia had just had a cash injection of 350 million Australian dollars from shareholders Air New Zealand, Singapore Airlines and Abu Dhabi-based Etihad.
According to the figure from Visa's Australian office, it seemed the strong Australian dollars didn't deter oversea visitors especially from China.
With this payout service, Chinese customers will be able to transfer money from Australia in Australian dollars at any Bank of China (BOC), CITIC Bank or Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (ICBC) branch location.
MC) (LSE: STD), is planning a multi-tranche residential mortgage-backed bond, denominated in euros, sterling, US and Australian dollars.
Pensioners in the US have seen a 53% swing in the number of dollars they get for the same amount, while those in Australia have been the hardest hit, seeing the number of Australian dollars pounds 1,175 buys vary by 67%, ranging from 3,112 Australian dollars to just 1,247 Australian dollars.
InBev and SABMiller were both said to be mulling over an 11 billion Australian dollars (pounds 4.
17 billion Australian dollars (pounds 470m), helped by the acquisition of wine company Southcorp.
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