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the basic unit of money in Australia and Nauru

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This will hopefully provide a complete set of Australian currency with some 2 and 1 cent coins, may bring in some older $1 and $2 notes, some pre-plastic currency ($1, $2 up to $20 notes) or commemorative $10 notes, and hopefully some pre-decimal coins (pennies, halfpennies, threepence, sixpence, florins, shillings).
The escalation of the Australian currency was stimulated by the rising value and volume of Australia's mineral exports (strongly influenced by rising international mineral prices).
Factors which have supported the Australian economy's outperformance are shifting under the feet of a foreign exchange market that remains enamored with the Australian currency.
Each coin, which portrays the Ian Rank-Broadley effigy of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II on the obverse, is issued as legal tender under the Australian Currency Act 1965.
The airline has so far refused to confirm it will build a new service out of Asia as part of this new strategy to offset rising fuel costs, greater regional competition and a soaring Australian currency that is hurting holiday travel.
Moreover, the rise in the value of the Australian currency has made it cheaper for international students to study in countries like US and Britain than in Australia.
If the Asian countries don't bear their share of the adjustment, it will fall on the Australian currency, the UK pound .
Company chairman David Crawford, who is overseeing the review, said the strength of the Australian currency had undermined the competitiveness of its Australian brands.
The result was the bank had to buy back the Australian currency, which in the preceding hours had moved heavily against sterling and so take the AUSEUR foreign exchange loss.
During the first half of 2002 alone, the Australian currency gained 10 percent in relative value.
The Australian currency is already used in the Pacific nations of Kiribati, Nauru and Tuvalu.
Sir Henry Parkes, famous for being the father of the Australian Federation, has his face on the Australian currency but was born here in Coventry.
Examples of relativity hit you when you find yourself driving on the opposite side of the road, measuring distance in kilometers rather than miles, buying petrol instead of gas, paying for it by the liter rather than by the gallon, and finding out that the $1 you just spent in Australian currency translates to 57 cents American.
However, Australian expectations of inflation are likely to be over-stated, and thus the expected depreciation of the Australian currency derived from PPP is probably too large.
And there's a booming locations business: Oz crews are 40% cheaper than their American counterparts, Australian currency is weak against the U.
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