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the oldest political party in Australia, founded in 1891

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Of interest was the policy of the Australian Labour Party to increase funds spent on health promotion and prevention.
Kerry O'Brien, an Australian Labour Party member of parliament, has raised the question of whether Whyalla Airlines should have had its operating licence suspended in 1997.
The Australian Labour Party has moved to pressure the Abbott government, through a parliamentary motion, to join international efforts to control the spread of the virus in west Africa.
Giving her first interviews this week after stepping down from politics in June after losing leadership of the Australian Labour Party to John Rudd, Gillard said her memoirs would be available in October 2014.
Milne described it as hypocritical that the Australian Labour Party has sent asylum seekers back to Sri Lanka, when its government continues to violate human rights.
McMullin, The Light on the Hill: The Australian Labour Party 1891-1991, Oxford University Press, Melbourne, 1991, pp.
He was a founder member of the Australian Labour Party.
Australian Labour Party defence spokesman Joel Fitzgibbon, said: "She's embarrassed John Howard and his government.
The Australian Labour Party has supported calls for the government to follow the U.
5 ( ANI ): Former Australian Labour Party (ALP) leader Kevin Rudd has said that the party is 'sick' and needs urgent reform.
YOU'VE gotta love Mark Latham, the former leader of the Australian Labour Party.
The Australian Labour party, Mr Abbott's strongest opposition, has backed his policy decisions including the tough legislation on anti-terrorism.
It is learnt that the Australian Labour Party agreed today, to allow sale of Uranium to India for power generation.
In the November polls the Australian Labour Party needs to win an additional 17 seats in the 150-member Parliament to wrest control from the governing coalition, which consists of Howard's Liberal Party and the National Party.
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