Australian Labor Party

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the oldest political party in Australia, founded in 1891

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Whereas much of the world, and more recently Sweden, Spain and the UK have moved to recognize Palestine, regardless of the status of the peace negotiations, the Australian Labor Party hold true to the rhetoric of yesteryear.
Australian Labor Party -- Queensland Senator Louise Pratt
The opposition Australian Labor Party remains opposed to nuclear power, but approves of uranium mining as a means to boost the local economy and provide jobs.
Then it produces the usual line criticizing the relationship between the union movement and the Australian Labor Party.
Emerging from the wake of The Latham Diaries, this collection grapples with many of the questions raised by Latham's attacks on what he calls the 'poisonous and opportunistic culture' of the Australian Labor Party.
The Australian Labor Party congratulates George W Bush on his reelection as president of the United States of America,'' Latham said in a statement.
Nicholson was by no means the most capable person available for this appointment, which was ascribed by many to his associations with members of the Australian Labor Party.
The leaders of the Australian Labor Party shared this view.
Huntley Wright considers the impact of the Japanese invasion of the Australian territory of Papua New Guinea on Australian Labor Party colonial policy.
For example, the appalling record of the Australian Labor Party with respect to Indigenous political representation: `The ALP, until 2000, had never preselected a single Aboriginal candidate in a winnable seat for either the Senate or House of Representatives, even though statistically it is likely that 90 per cent of Aboriginal people vote Labor' (p.
Since 1955, when the first minor party (Democratic Labor) appeared as a result of a split in the Australian Labor Party, minor parties have held the balance of power for 32 of the 44 years.
Australian Labor party backbencher Mark Latham has said the federal government should endorse the discount airline being proposed by Virgin Atlantic Airways as its preferred carrier.
In the 1970's, after decades in the wilderness, the Australian Labor Party won a national election.
It appears that the majority of the Australian Labor Party government were more sympathetic to the dissenting views expressed by two women Labor Party senators than to the majority report, which was written by one Labor Party senator (with a Roman Catholic affiliation) and two senators from nongovernment, largely more conservative, parties.
The Australian Labor Party (ALP) government faces a number of key political challenges over the next two years, such as the 30% mineral resource rent tax, emissions trading scheme and the flood levy resulting from the Queensland floods.
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