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the oldest political party in Australia, founded in 1891

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Recently former Australian Foreign Minister Bob Carr (and member of the Australian Labor Party) was ridiculed publicly by members of his own party for openly speaking of how he wished to distance himself from his uncritical rhetoric of yesteryear in support of Israel.
Today is a brand new day for the Australian Labor Party," a "humbled" Shorten said, promising to renew "the trust of hundreds of thousands of Australians".
In the wake of a crushing defeat September 7 for the climate alarmism-promoting Australian Labor Party, which imposed the deeply unpopular and expensive "carbon tax" credited by analysts for the conservative coalition's victory, authorities in Australia are preparing to dismantle and consolidate the myriad global-warming schemes spawned under the previous government.
Tony Abbott's Liberal National Party (LNP) defeated the Australian Labor Party (ALP) with a 3 per cent swing in Saturday's federal election.
KUWAIT, Sept 7 (KUNA) -- The Liberal National Coalition Party won the elections held on Saturday beating to the punch the Australian Labor Party, led by outgoing prime minister Kevin Rudd, announced the Australian TV.
Australian Labor Party - New South Wales Senator the Hon Jacinta Collins -- Parliamentary Secretary for School Education and Workplace Relations
In December 1915, 'VIG', a scribe for the Victorian Australian Labor Party (ALP) newspaper, Labor Call, outlined his objection: 'In all the conscription talk, that of wealth is religiously barred.
Specific topics include the extent to which the recent global economic crisis can be seen as a product of neoliberalism; neoliberalism as the manifestation of a new era of capitalist development in which the power of the state has expanded alongside new financialized forms of capital accumulation; neoliberalism's logic of governance; heterogeneity in neoliberal ideas; the ways in which neoliberalism is embedded in social structures of institutions, class relations, and ideological norms; Australian regulatory practice in the field of industry policy as a counter-indication of the "triumph of neoliberalism;" the unevenness of neoliberal policy formulation under the Australian Labor governments of the 1980s and 1990s; and prospects for alternatives to neoliberalism.
A LONDON-BASED organiser for the Australian Labor Party has warned that voting Yes in the referendum on whether to change the Westminster voting system to AV would encourage "dog whistle" politics.
This will give the ruling centre-left Australian Labor Party led by Julia Gillard a two-seat majority or conservative opposition leader Tony Abbott a single-seat majority in the 150-seat House of Representatives.
Now, ironically, 48-year-old Australian Labor party leader Julia Gillard could become the politician who spells the end of the road for Australia's age-old association with the Queen.
6% swing to the Greens means nearly 75% of the swing against the Australian Labor Party wound up with the Greens.
Other chapter titles--'Representing Labor Women', 'Woman Organiser' and 'Grand Old Woman of Labor'--call up an Australia-wide cast of women prominent in building labour organisations and the Australian Labor Party.
AAP noted that Prime Minister Kevin Rudd in 1996, when he was foreign affairs spokesman of the opposition Australian Labor Party, wrote an article highly critical of North Korea, giving a first-hand account of the starvation he had witnessed during travels there.
Aussie showbizzers are expecting the new Australian Labor Party government swept to office with a strong majority Nov.
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