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any of several herbivorous leaping marsupials of Australia and New Guinea having large powerful hind legs and a long thick tail

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The company has also come up with a 2014 limited edition of Australian kangaroo gold bullion tribute coin weighing at 1 ounce.
To mark the anniversary, Perth Mint has also released a limited edition 2014 Australian kangaroo 1 oz gold bullion tribute coin replicating the original artistry.
Tickets for the entertainment-packed Desert 400 race weekend are available at the BIC Stand in the Seef Mall where an added attraction is the now famous Australian Kangaroo "Bruce" who keeps the crowds amused every night.
Executive chef Paul Wilson and the team at Pepper's gave diners the shock factor by serving Australian kangaroo.
Aussie Mega Shampoo with Australian Kangaroo Paw Flower (pounds 3.
However, the South Australian kangaroo industry is not delivering these benefits to its potential capacity.
Each product is enhanced with four botanicals: aloe, Australian kangaroo paw flower extract, Australian wild cherry bark extract and Australian peppermint leaf extract.
The Australian kangaroo meat industry have been criticised for hoping to cash in on the crisis.
But Sheila Atkins, of the Australian Kangaroo Tiddlywinks League, said: "It's just a harmless bit of fun.
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