Australian Desert

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general name given to all desert areas in Australia

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With backdrop of the Australian desert, the film's context is set in a "dangerous and dysfunctional future.
Simon Rodwell, secretary general for the ACLM said: "The ACLM congratulates Sam Woodhead for surviving his Australian desert ordeal, and we're grateful to him for adding another one to the long list of the many benefits of contact lens wear--although testing solutions for human consumption is not the norm.
Global and regional sources of dust are distributed in wide areas of the world, mainly the Arabian Peninsula, Sahara Desert, Mesopotamian Flood Plain, Loess Plateau of China and Australian Desert.
The Allied Combined Operations Group wanted to get at the heart of the Bzadian enterprise and the 4th Reconaissance Team (known as Angels), six specially chosen, highly trained, human teenagers, surgically altered to look like the short pointy-headed Bzadians and proficient in their language, are dropped into the Central Australian desert to infiltrate the defences of New Bzadia and discover the alien secrets.
Fortunately not all Australians are as craven and careless and many understand the simple and profound reality that rocks dug from the South Australian desert and the heart of Kakadu are now causing radioactive fallout in Japan and beyond.
According to the study, other gaffes committed by them included believing the Australian desert landmark Ayers Rock was located in England, while five percent thought Stonehenge was a foreign site.
In week that saw the 200th anniversary of Charles Dickens' birth, it was a bleak house for the Australian Desert Ashes Team, writes Trevor Burt.
Nurses who us work there cla children had been ab and detainees assa Although claim Woomera, a camp in the middle of the Australian desert, was closed following criticism from human rights watchdogs.
Australia: Two men have been rescued after surviving on nuts and rainwater for four days in the remote Australian desert after their car caught fire, police said on Monday.
WOOMERA, Australia - A capsule released by Japan's Hayabusa space probe was found in an Australian desert, possibly containing the first asteroid surface samples after the probe's successful seven-year voyage was completed Sunday, Japanese space agency officials said Monday.
Samson & Delilah (15): The story of a couple in the Central Australian desert.
Everything that lives in the Australian desert is expert at survival: from the paper daisies that blossom only when sparse rains come, to the coolabah that digs deep to find reliable water, the water birds that migrate between evanescent lakes, the antechinus that stores up fat in its tail, the Aboriginal people who store knowledge of landscape for hundreds of generations in their songs and networks, and the remote outback business that thrives on the internet.
And every camping holiday since, whether it was on the west coast of Wales or in the Australian desert, I've got flooded out.
Drinking patterns and behavior of Australian desert birds in relation to their ecology and abundance.
Also large, the males have fur as red as the soils of the Australian desert they come from.
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