Australian Alps

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a range of mountains in Australia that forms the southern end of the Great Dividing Range

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Mike Mahoney, General Manager of Ski Dubai, said: "We wanted to tie in the experience of Australia Day with that of winter sports as the Australian Alps attract residents from the main cities of Sydney, Melbourne and Canberra.
The latter is A Journey from Sydney to the Australian Alps Undertaken in the Months of January, February and March 1834 by John Lhotsky.
While peats in Australia have not been comprehensively mapped, a conservative estimate of the extent of Sphagnum peat in the mainland Australian Alps is 520 [km.
The Australian Alps currently provide the backdrop for advertisements promoting an up-market new car.
It's highest point is Mount Kosciusko in the Australian Alps, at 2,228 metres.
Figure 9: Climate change scenarios for the Australian Alps, 2003
She walked the Australian Alps Walking Track solo in 2003 and the Lurujarri Trail with 50 people in 2013, and enjoys reading maps and eating dark chocolate.
It is expected that winter tourism and alpine ecosystems will need to adjust to significant reductions in depth, duration and height of the regular snow cover in the Australian Alps because of climate change.
However, aeolian dust infall is a process that has received little consideration in the formation of the soils of the Australian Alps in New South Wales and Victoria.
These forests, along with those in the Australian Alps, Blue Mountains, the Gondwana Rainforests and the Wet Tropics World Heritage Areas, are one of the nation's most important natural life support systems.
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