Australian Aborigine

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a dark-skinned member of a race of people living in Australia when Europeans arrived

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Anthropology and the Future of the Australian Aborigines.
It was to be a 'systematic investigation' of firstly the social organisation and religion of Aborigines and secondly an 'investigation into the anatomy, physiology and psychology of the Australian Aborigines.
Thus, if religion along with aesthetics and philosophy represented the categorical pinnacles of European Civilization, it goes without saying that these categories could not and should not embrace a distant (and despised) Other such as the Australian Aborigine.
Australian Aborigines as `the living stone age' could be likewise expected to give way to modern man.
Sacral index according to Davivong et al [4] in Australian aborigine is higher in both male and female than present study.
Australian Aborigine Cathy Freeman captured her nation's heart--and the gold medal in the 400-meter race.
Walch's "The Dinosaur Within" is a multi-layered drama involving three intriguing relationships: an Australian aborigine and his father; an aging film star and her daughter, who goes to Australia to help recover stolen dinosaur tracks; and a journalist consumed by the mysterious disappearance of his son, a would-be paleontologist.
Further genetic evidence that ancient people reached Asia in at least two waves--the first of which interbred with Denisovans--comes from a preserved lock of hair that an Australian Aborigine man donated to scientists about 100 years ago.
Keywords: Australian Aborigine, treponematosis, northwest Queensland, skeletal remains, burial practice
When she's accepted into Trinity, he exploits a godsend he's found in a back room -- the pickled head of an Australian Aborigine, which, when the sun strikes it right, twirls around in its jar and points to the winning horse number.
An Australian aborigine word meaning lagoon, Billabong is the name of a company that originally made surfboards and later branched into surf clothing.
A psyllid is a miniature type of a locust, ``lerp'' is an Australian aborigine word for the protective discs that this particular psyllid secretes.
Life stories of Australian Aborigine entrepreneurs focus on identity issues.
On October 22, Mundine, an Australian Aborigine who reportedly became a Muslim to model himself on former world heavyweight champion Muhammad Ali, said that Australians should keep out of the U.
The Australian aborigine has a fascinating facility for sports which demand whippy reflexes and strong backs.
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