Australian Aborigine

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a dark-skinned member of a race of people living in Australia when Europeans arrived

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Keywords: Australian Aborigine, treponematosis, northwest Queensland, skeletal remains, burial practice
--, Toni Bruce and Stella Coram 1999 'Up front and beyond the centre line: Australian Aborigines in elite Australian rules football', International Review for the Sociology of Sport 34(4):369-83.
(25.) Elkin, Background Notes for Australian Broadcasting Commission Series: Is the Australian Aborigine getting a Fair Deal?, 1951, EP, box 76, item 1/12/265.
Thus, if religion along with aesthetics and philosophy represented the categorical pinnacles of European Civilization, it goes without saying that these categories could not and should not embrace a distant (and despised) Other such as the Australian Aborigine.
Sacral index according to Davivong et al [4] in Australian aborigine is higher in both male and female than present study.
Thirty study-children (now adults) who were originally identified as having a parent who was an Australian Aborigine' were followed up 30 years later.
Australian aborigine creation stories and genetics support the multiregionalist model of human evolution, challenging the prevailing out-of-Africa model.
primarily for use in zoos and as exotic pets, the use of emu oil dates back over 40,000 years to the Ancient Australian Aborigine culture.
AN energy drink which uses an Australian Aborigine remedy is set to go on sale in Britain.
Australian Aborigine Cathy Freeman captured her nation's heart--and the gold medal in the 400-meter race.
Then he briefly recounts stories of the origin of fire in various American Indian and other indigenous traditions, among them Bobock and the First Fire (Yaqui), The Boy Who Brought Fire (Nez Perce), Kanbi and Jitabidi Start the First Fire (Australian Aborigine), and Wolverine Freezes to Death (Mi'kmaq).
Further genetic evidence that ancient people reached Asia in at least two waves--the first of which interbred with Denisovans--comes from a preserved lock of hair that an Australian Aborigine man donated to scientists about 100 years ago.
Life stories of Australian Aborigine entrepreneurs focus on identity issues.
Very many words in every day use have been borrowed from other languages, eg protect common, history, vocabulary, radio (from Latin), photo critic taxi (Greek), sugar (French), bungalow (Hindi), boomerang (Australian aborigine) etc.
In the 1860s Thomas Huxley, in his inaugural assessment of a recently discovered Neanderthal skull, readily likened it to that of an Australian Aborigine. He then went on to directly relate the people of prehistory to the contemporary Aborigines.
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