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Tasmanians are the most patriotic of any State when it comes to buying and supporting Australian made products: 90 per cent consciously look for Australian products, one in two will buy Australian whenever possible and 25 per cent say nothing would persuade them to choose an imported products when an Australian equivalent is available, according to the Australian Made Campaign's recent research.
A recent Australian government review stated, "Our society stands between contrasting but interacting worlds--local and international, European and Asian, low and high tech" (NBEET, 1998: 1).
Brown uses significant moments of his own life to link the lively portraits he draws of Australians whose dedication to others is a challenging example of what human beings are capable of.
Tennis: Australian Open women's doubles final, ESPN2, 8 p.
This reflects the continuing unpopularity of Australian fiction in Australia.
Hicks, 26, from the South Australian state capital Adelaide, was captured by Northern Alliance troops in Afghanistan last week and transferred to the U.
A key to this are Australian policies aimed at narrowing the distinction between nursing homes, which developed as part of the country's medical system, and hostels, which developed out of government housing programs.
Far greater mistakes can be made when you assume a similar cultural context - as you might with an Australian.
With over 1,200 hospitals in Australia, we believe there is a substantial market for Powerheart," said Ray Jarvis, sales and marketing manager for Cardiac Science's new Australian distribution partner, CS Australia Pty Ltd of Melbourne, Australia.
According to the University of Queensland's Hamish McCallum, this fox/rabbit duo has been, "a deadly combination," for Australian wildlife, "decimating the population of endemic mid-sized mammals .
The Australian government is conducting a fundamental review of its defence policy.
The first test package was tailored to the local market: copy was written exclusively for an Australian audience and the newsletter was priced in Australian dollars.
8 SCIENCE, the researchers focused on an extinct flightless bird named Genyornis newtoni, which stood about 5 feet tall and weighed twice as much as a modern Australian emu.
The first outbreak of JE in the Australian region occurred in Torres Strait, northern Australia, in 1995 (31).
Every Australian resident is entitled to treatment, including all types of medical and nursing care.
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