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Qantas CEO Geoff Dixon, who will retain his position along with other members of the management team, yesterday did his part to mollify public concern over the transition facing Australia's national airline.
Australia's welfare system provides benefits to families that are far above the OECD average, and they flow to sole parents and unemployed parents at the bottom.
Genepharm has also signed distribution agreements with Australia's two leading hospital pharmacy distributors, Clifford Hallam and Cottman Australia.
Which is why he and his government were particularly keen to dwell on the one bright spot in Australia's recent economic record.
The state produces 20% of Australia's highest quality wines, while Hunter Valley produces 5%.
The paleontologic past lives on, too, in the legends and cave paintings of Australia's aborigines, whose ancestors shared the continent for several thousand years with many animals that no longer exist anywhere.
The Great Aussie Auction is presented by Australia's tourism bureau, Tourism Australia.
SAN FRANCISCO -- The Australian Government has this week launched a web-based tool called BioRegs Online to help the global biotech sector navigate and utilize Australia's biotechnology regulations -- saving both time and money.
featuring 12 of GE Energy's (NYSE: GE) Jenbacher generator sets, has begun operating at one of Australia's largest coal mines, the Oaky Creek Colliery in central Queensland.
This is the first time total weekly sales, a combination of current and forward revenue, for AMI Australia have topped the US million dollar mark, and are above AMI Australia's average weekly sales for the financial year ended June 30, 2006.
B) is pleased to announce the US launch of wines from Houghton, Western Australia's most-awarded winery.
The most popular topic: Australia's scariest wildlife.
These are just some of the more than 100 offerings that are a click away in Australia's first-ever online auction, kicking-off January 14, 2006 on www.
AirG, the global leader in powering mobile communities announces the launch of the Orange Lounge, Australia's largest mobile community, on the Orange mobile network (Hutchison Australia).
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