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But if the same species can be produced at two separate points, why do we not find a single mammal common to Europe and Australia or South America?
I wish now that I was not going to Australia at all.
Nearly all our horses for the English cavalry are brought to India from Australia, and are broken in by the troopers themselves.
We've broken out of our pickets, again and again, four hundred and fifty of us, just because a new recruit got to telling tales of whip snakes at home in Australia till we were scared to death of the loose ends of our head-ropes.
Louisa mentioned the cost of a steerage passage to Australia for a man and his wife.
In the first acquisition, CBRE purchased the residential valuation business of DTZ Australia in Western Australia in November 2006.
An issue for Qantas is whether politicians will be less willing to continue protecting Qantas from competition on the lucrative route between Australia and the United States once it is taken over by the new owners.
The essay is concerned to situate Mike and Stefani's journey by ship to Australia within a history of policies, shaped by ideas of gender, race and class in an imperial context, that produced convoluted movements of peoples.
The current three loops will be combined into two loops for greater cost effectiveness and improved coverage for customers in the growing markets of Asia and Australia.
He points out that because welfare is so precisely targeted, and generous that Australia has one of the West's highest rates of jobless households.
Skipper Nasser Hussain did not help his patched-up team's chances by asking Australia to bat first in Brisbane and the Ashes were lost in the first three Tests.
The five anti-cancer drugs being registered by Genepharm are all currently off-patent, with only one generic competitor in Australia.
The major species Eucalyptus globulus ssp globulus--more commonly known as Blue Gum--grows well only in the high rainfall, deep soil regions of southwest Australia, southern Victoria and Tasmania.
Australia has recently traded on the relative stability of her economy - and on the fact of her staging the Olympics - to carve out a new role for herself in the region.
human herpesviruses 6-8 and hepatitis C and E viruses) in Australia are similar to those reported in other industrialized nations (3).
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