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a very short skirt


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used of women's clothing

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For instance someone is driving around Britain in the last licensed Austin Mini "850 Van" and there are just three Mini "SPL" versions left.
Produced from 1968, the Mehari was a 2CV-based fibreglass jeep, a lot like the Austin Mini Moke.
MY INITIAL experience of the original Mini was back in 1961 when the British Motor Corporation rebranded the Austin 7, launched in 1959, and dubbed the newcomer the Austin Mini.
Post-war he joined the family company and worked closely with Alec Issigonis to develop the Hydrolastic suspension system for a number of motor cars, notably the Austin Mini.
Spike drove himself from London and back in a little Austin Mini on a very hot Sunday in August sometime in the late- 70s.
What's important to the little estate's heritage is that it takes styling cues from the Morris Mini Traveller, Austin Mini Countryman, and the Mini Clubman Estate, which enjoyed widespread success in the 1960s, and it stays true to modern Mini design with short body overhangs, wide track, a long wheelbase and the high shoulder line rising towards the rear.
These days, they serve their bizarre and composite works raw, for instance the disproportionately large necklace made of turquoise ceramic beads and the charred wooden motorcycle helmets in The Hairdresser's Birthday Treat, or the kitschy wood carving of an Austin Mini stuck in a gigantic seashell in Cocoa Turismo.
Volpe compares operating a skid steer to driving an Austin Mini while he says operating a wheel loader is more like driving a Lincoln Continental.
If you order food to be delivered, Troubadours sends it via its mini fleet of bright red Austin Mini Coopers.
One of the exciting sequences involves a chase in which Bourne - in an Austin Mini Cooper - is being pursued through the streets of Paris.
Teen-agers stop by to check out Tim and Candace Bridges' 1967 Austin Mini on Friday evening at the Glenwood cruise.
The chic Austin Mini, designed by Sir Alec Issigonis and first produced in 1959 in England, has been redesigned and is poised to be relaunched in the United States next year by BMW.
1923 Buick Roadster 1974 Austin Mini Cooper 1931 Ford Model A Deluxe Roadster 1955 Ford Thunderbird Convertible 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air Convertible 1987 Buick GNX
The new one ditches it and conforms to a more traditional layout of four side doors, but keeps the old car's retro twin "barn" boot doors at the rear - the Clubman's nod to the original Morris Mini Traveller and Austin Mini Countryman of the 1960s.
THE Birmingham-built Austin Mini is acknowledged as one of the best cars ever made - creating the blueprint for virtually every stylish, small and aordable car that has come along since.
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