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a solid solution of ferric carbide or carbon in iron

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The heat treatment of St-2 was normalization (austenitizing at 870[degrees]C, temperature 30-50[degrees]C higher than austenitizing temperature and air cooling to room).
In order to prevent formation of fine new cementite lamellae, the austenitizing time was reduced to 15 seconds (H15-1).
In some cases, particularly involving hardening temperatures over 2000F, multiple preheating steps may be used prior to reaching the final austenitizing temperature.
Two C70S6 crackable connecting rods have been applied austenitizing 800[degrees]C for 1 hour in the controlled heat treatment furnaces separately and soonly after it was taken to salt bath in 450[degrees]C for 3 hours, then quenched in still air as shown in Fig.
The castings are heat treated per the ASTM A958 specification (1,700F austenitizing, water quench and 1,150F temper cycle).
Variable parameters include austenitizing temperature, grain size and lowest volume fraction percentage of the phase detected.
When austenitizing, care must be taken to avoid carburization or decarburization by carefully monitoring the heat-treating atmosphere.
HT *-heat treated rail that has undergone accelerated cooling from austenitizing temperature during the metallurgical transformation period.
In the 1930s, a fine, feathery, needle-like microstructure unlike ferrite, pearlite and martensite was found in steels when they were cooled rapidly from austenitizing temperatures and held at intermittent temperatures.
The Effect Of Cooling Rate From The Austenitizing Temperature On The Thermal Fatigue Cracking, Microstructure And Impact Resistance Of H13 Die Material (T05-041)
0025% B and the austenitizing temperature on the asquenched hardness of a 0.
explained the advantages of austenitizing gray iron to improve wear and damping characteristics.
Kovacs related the accoustical properties of ADI to yield strength, tensile strength, elongation and density as a function of the austenitizing and austempering temperatures.