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the basic unit of money in Australia and Nauru

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His view is that Aussie dollar is also trailing against other currencies, and New Zealand can pick up market share from other long-haul destinations, including the United States.
When the Aussie dollar surged a decade ago, Oz saw a steady decline in the number of British visitors.
It could also make life harder for the Aussie dollar, which is struggling under the dual pressure of lacklustre growth at home and in China.
Others to have gone the way of the Aussie dollar in recent months are the John Gosden trio of Masked Marvel, Thought Worthy and Michelangelo, while Green Moon was with Harry Dunlop.
Chevron said about one-third of the projected increase for Gorgon from its 2009 estimate of $37 billion, or A$43 billion, was due to the appreciating Aussie dollar and a change in the mix of currencies since the project was sanctioned.
Unfortunately the Aussie dollar is so strong, it's delaying our inevitable return home.
Any hint the Chinese economy may be slowing has a relatively greater impact on the Aussie dollar because of the Australian economy's heavy reliance on exports of coal, iron ore and other natural resources to China.
The rising value of the Aussie dollar has seen wages Down Under soar relative to the rest of the world, and particularly when compared to wages in pound Sterling, which has fallen in the last three years.
And while the strong Aussie dollar is making it harder for runaways to make it Down Under, f/x is one area where it can compete.
The objective is to bring the Aussie dollar, Kiwi dollar, interest rate and derivative books closer to the client base,' he said.
Aussie Dollar looks the best bet on the card at Southwell in the Visit Nottinghamshire Maiden Stakes.
Their economy is doing well as they have an abundance of raw materials and therefore the Aussie dollar has been strengthening for some time.
They have just put prices up because the Aussie dollar exchange is shocking, but consumers aren't willing to pay just over [pounds sterling]5 at the moment when there are good quality, viable alternatives in the market.
A hung parliament is a worst-case scenario for investors with one financial analyst tipping a 2-5 per cent fall in the Aussie dollar as a result.