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However, like the English, the Aussies must also be fully aware that form and numbers or any logical conclusions are no barometer to gauge what's going to come next.
"The Aussie Farms website is intended to be an attack map for activists and it is already working as one.
Aussie flu can lead to pneumonia and other potentially fatal complications.
And our lads responded by giving the faithful stump-thing to sing about by getting the Aussies out for 136.
We have seen signs of a massive improvement in the past few weeks." The Aussies may question Flintoff's red-rose tinted view with the world's No.1 Test batsman, Steve Smith, in their line-up.
Morris, 21, helped the Aussies defeat GB, America and Latvia to book his country's place in the World Cup Final in Vojens, Denmark, on Saturday night.
Campbell and Younger combined to put Australia ahead in the fourth quarter, with strong defence handing the Aussies the eventual victory.
(file://localhost/D:/vit%20backup%20files/IBT%20Australia%202014/Articles/May%202014/May%2028/Liberal%20Senator%20Urges%20Unemployed%20Aussies%20Not%20to%20Be%20Picky%20While%20Waiting%20for%20Dream%20Job%20Rather%20to%20Pick%20Up%20Fruits%20in%20the%20Meantime.docx) Liberal Senator Urges Unemployed Aussies Not to Be Picky While Waiting for Dream Job, Rather to Pick Fruits in the Meantime
However, Planet Forex ignores at its peril the fact that the central banking gnomes in Canberra also believe excessive Aussie strength hits economic growth in a post-mining-boom world.
"We spend a lot of time talking with moms, and we continually hear how challenging it is for them to find hair care products for their children when they are no longer babies," said Aussie associate marketing director April Anslinger.
CINCINNATI -- The hit children's TV show "Dora the Explorer" from Nickelodeon provides the inspiration for a new children's hair care collection from Procter & Gamble Co.'s Aussie brand.
New Delhi, Nov.21 ( ANI ): The Aussie BBQ is returning to India!
STREWTH mate - a couple of Teesside cobbers aim to make names for themselves in Aussie Rules Football.
LANWADES Stud and Denford Stud have joined forces to acquire promising young sire Aussie Rules in a move that will see the Classicwinning son of Danehill stand the 2012 season at Kirsten Rausing's Lanwades in Newmarket, writes Nancy Sexton.