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a person who foretells future events by or as if by supernatural means

Synonyms for auspex

(ancient Rome) a religious official who interpreted omens to guide public policy

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SOURCE Charles Wardrip Vice President of Operations and Telecommunications Kindred Healthcare Louisville, KY PRODUCT/COMPANY Auspex NS3000XA Xtreme Availability Auspex Systems Inc.
Enterprise storage solutions provider Auspex Systems Inc has launched a new addition to its NS3000 family of Network Attached Storage servers.
The "brat" occupies roughly half the space of a typical Auspex server for flexible placement in the office environment, while delivering the same market-leading performance as a full-sized Auspex system.
Among the notable companies in this area are Auspex Systems - which, with its NS3000 storage server, is hoping to claw back mind share from the runaway leader in this market, Network Appliance - and Maxtor, which claims that its file servers can scale to 5.7 terabytes of capacity in a 12-way cluster.
It says it sees longtime rival Auspex Systems infrequently.
TELECOMWORLDWIRE-12 December 2001-Upcoming NS3000 storage appliance family releases from Auspex Systems revealed (C)1994-2001 M2 COMMUNICATIONS LTD
Auspex Systems, which pioneered NAS and has the broadest range of NAS products, uses its NetOS core software to separate network processing from storage processing, making it easier to scale storage and networks for seamless growth.
Although IDC says NetApp has a 40% share of the NAS market - versus its nearest competitor, Auspex Systems Inc with 21% - the research firm believes it will the entry of these other companies which will drive the market to the highs it predicts.
The California-based storage solutions provider Auspex Systems Ltd and the UK systems management tools supplier Essential Computing Ltd have joined forces to deliver new e-mail archiving solutions.
Two Santa Clara, Calif., companies, Auspex Systems and Network Appliance, currently dominate the market.
An agreement has been formed between Network Attached Storage solutions provider Auspex Systems and EDUCOM TS, a software development firm.
As for NetApp's arch- enemy Auspex Systems Inc, which announced, but is not yet shipping a new line of workgroup and departmental network attached storage devices last month, Warmenhoven said he was "appropriately paranoid, cautiously positive" over the potential threat.
Auspex Systems Inc has added an option that enables customers to apply for lease financing for its enterprise file servers directly from the Auspex web site.
Auspex Systems Inc calls the announcement of its 4Front family of servers its first big step into the network attached storage (NAS) appliance market.
Auspex Systems Inc has launched a new series of enterprise data servers which the company claims offer the industry's highest scalability, fastest performance and richest range of data management tools.