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Synonyms for aurora

the first appearance of daylight in the morning

Synonyms for aurora

an atmospheric phenomenon consisting of bands of light caused by charged solar particles following the earth's magnetic lines of force

(Roman mythology) goddess of the dawn

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Dettori will replace Kieren Fallon on Beatrice Aurore and Dunlop is pleased to give the rider his first mount.
GOOD CHOICE: William Buick will ride Beatrice Aurore at Ascot
The couple was Spanish soprano Isabel Rey as Aurore and Croatian mezzo Janja Vuletic in the trouser role of Jean.
European Choices for Gordon Brown, by Charles Grant with Hugo Brady, Simon Tilford and Aurore Wanlin, Center for European Reform (CER), June 2007, available at www.
Starring: Benoit Magimel, Laura Smet, Aurore Clement.
George Sand, born Amandine Aurore Dupin in 1804 and later married to Baron Dudevant, remains one of France's leading novelists of the nineteenth century.
George Sand was born Aurore Dupin in 1804, to a line of aristocratic illegitimacies that could be traced back to her great-grandfather, King Augustus the Strong of Poland.
Aurore is not a typical princess; she is kept protected from all things that might cause her harm from the curse she was given at her christening.
The youngsters from Wellsway School, Bristol, and Hymers College, Hull, had been staying at the Belle Aurore hotel.
The daughter of an aristocratic father and a former prostitute, Sand was born in 1804 as Aurore Dupin.
She said she had read the results of the DNA tests which showed Montand was not the father of Aurore Drossart.
The author depicts the lives of two sisters, Aurore and Isabelle Desjardins, their childhood in the Jura region, their education and sexual development during the fifties and sixties, and their careers and personal experiences until they reach their forties.
He is known for his proletarian novel, Travail d'homme (1943; translated as The Angry Mountain, 1948), and particularly for a later novel, Cela s ' appelle l ' aurore (1952; translated as Dawn on Our Darkness, 1954), a critical and popular success centering around the violent love affair of a doctor working among desperately poor Sardinian peasants.
Among the Grand Serail itinerants, had also been the Director General of the Energy Ministry Aurore Feghali, the General Director of the Labor Ministry Youssef Naous, and the High Council of Customs headed by General Nizar Khalil.
He was born in Ware son of the late George and Aurore (Goodnough) Allard and grew up in Southbridge before moving to Sturbridge in 1961.