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United States poet (1879-1955)


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He does so most fully in "The Auroras of Autumn," with its brotherhood of sleepers accepting a fateful "tomorrow" (362); here a mastery of repetition masters even a mortal dawn (355-63).
National Book Awards were awarded for the following: fiction, The Collected Stories of William Faulkner; poetry, The Auroras of Autumn by Wallace Stevens; biography, Herman Melville by Newton Arvin.
In his next book of poems, The Auroras of Autumn (1950), he abandoned the hero but not the supreme fiction, which appears in several guises.
1936), The Man with the Blue Guitar (1937), Parts of a World (1942), Notes toward a Supreme Fiction, Esthetique du Mal (1945), Three Academic Pieces (two poems and a prose address, 1947), Transport to Summer (1947), and The Auroras of Autumn (1950) -- show the progressive development of his poetic style.
In Woodland's analysis of "The Auroras of Autumn," for example, considerable tension is seen to emerge in the poem's closural movement--so much so, indeed, that making the separation between the modern and the postmodern in such an estrus of contradiction is scandalously perilous.