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Synonyms for aurochs

European bison having a smaller and higher head than the North American bison

large recently extinct long-horned European wild ox

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7% of in Australian mining firm Auroch Minerals Ltd through a AUD 650,000 (USD 482,794) share subscription, the company said.
As per the sale transaction, Xtract will have to pay Auroch just under $10 million in cash and shares and take on the responsibility for a further $1million worth of debts.
As mentioned above they identified unique African cattle autosomal background, which may have originated from local auroch introgression.
But Stone Age people must have had a different view of Bessie's ancestors, the aurochs.
31in Length an auroch horn could reach, with a diameter of up to 8in 1.
One of the most important scenes of Hushpuppy's journey is the one wherein she confronts the auroch.
Scientists are busy trying to revive the passenger pigeon, the European auroch, and the Pyrenean ibex.
It was a frozen landscape in the winter, but bustling with life in the summer, with vast herds of the now extinct mammoth, auroch and elk.
London, United Kingdom, Aug 20, 2013 - (ABN Newswire) - Baobab Resources Limited (LON:BAO) ('Baobab' or the 'Company') through its wholly owned Mozambique subsidiary Capitol Resources Limitada ('Capitol') is pleased to announce that it has signed a Joint Venture Heads of Agreement ('JV' or 'HOA') with Australian exploration company Auroch Minerals NL (ASX:AOU) ('Auroch' or 'AOU') in relation to the northern portion of the Company's Mundongaura Exploration Licence 1022L (the 'Area of Interest' or 'JV Area') in the Manica Province, Mozambique.
Out of conviction, or possibly out of obligation or allegiance vis a vis the more senior Edouard Lartet, Mortillet had then endorsed the latter's paleontological classification, with its ages of the Cave Bear, the Elephant and Rhinoceros, the Reindeer and the Auroch.
Acquiring the Manica gold project, ASX-listed Auroch Minerals hopes to revive this forgotten area once again.
Protection of the soil became in some way also protection of the soul--the national soul, Blut plus Boden--and endeavors were made to protect landscapes, folk customs, and threatened species, even to the extent of trying to breed back the auroch, the extinct ancient kine of central Europe.
Endgame: Syria," a simulation created by British-based company Auroch Digital, offers players the opportunity to do just that, as questionable as that might sound.
Endgame Syria, developed by the British group Auroch Digital, is already available on Android and as an HTML5 browser game.
So, banking will have similar weight as in the Nifty," says Raj Majumder, CEO, Auroch Investment Managers.