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a conspicuous constellation in the northern hemisphere

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Dunne, Managing Director at Auriga, states: "There is a knowledge gap when it comes to translating cyber risk into business language for business leaders.
Auriga Partners manages three funds for a total of more than 330 millions euros.
We're excited by the opportunities here and the confidence Auriga SA has in our success.
Auriga currently manages more than 60 percent of the Italian ATM network.
Auriga Leader, the first ship to use solar power for propulsion, an achievement that is a major step forward toward a next-generation eco ship making greater use of a renewable energy source, is the first cargo ship to be recognized with a Good Design Award.
Auriga Laboratories is a specialty pharmaceutical company building an industry changing commission based-sales model.
And a spiral-shaped disk surrounds a star near the constellation Auriga.
The Severn Trent Trust Fund's new trading subsidiary, Sutton Coldfield-based Auriga Services, is 'exporting' its expertise after clinching a major contract to administer funds on behalf of United Utilities, which owns and operates the water network in the North-west of England, a region which has a population of about seven million people.
tech firms outsourcing work to Russia is the Amherst, New Hampshire-based AURIGA company, which on April 12 sponsored an address by former Soviet Dictator Mikhail Gorbachev before the Massachusetts Software Council.
Featuring 800 mm big spools, the Auriga jumbo slitting and spooling line produces up to 290,000 lm of cap strip per batch, to support tire production of 30,000 tires per day, with a ratio investment/tire reduction of 20%.
The Leith-registered Auriga 3 had started to go down 40 miles east of the River Tyne.
The alarm was raised when the 29ft Auriga III sprung a leak and began taking on water at around 5pm.
Gary Stevens rode winners Busheto ($30), Auriga ($14) and Cee Ghee on Saturday after returning Friday from knee surgery.
Scientists have also detected traces of protoplanetary disks in a nebulous region that stretches across the constellations Taurus and Auriga.
PT Auriga Energi was then awarded with the basic license to develop the hydropower plant and is currently conducting pre-feasibility studies.