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a small conical pouch projecting from the upper anterior part of each atrium of the heart

the externally visible cartilaginous structure of the external ear

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Her neurological, ophthalmologic, and orthopedic examinations were normal through auricle, nasal, and skin examinations.
After flap elevation, the anterior and posterior edges of the helical rim, which were pedicled on the medial perichondrial flap, were advanced and reapproximated; redundant soft tissue on the medial side of the auricle was excised and closed.
DISCUSSION: The auricle reaches its mature height at 13 years in male and at 12 years in females.
Primary defect in the migration of neural crest cells to the distal end of mandibular arch leads indirectly to the failure of ascent of developing auricles.
In July 2009, five of 7 llamas at a farm near Calcata (Viterbo) in Northern Latium, Italy, had skin lesions at different sites (palpebral conjunctiva, auricles, teats, mouth, and anus) that evolved from nodules to crusts; some had a crater morphologic appearance typical of poxvirus lesions (Figure 1, panel A).
6 mm long and wide; the base with two auricles, retrorse, triangular, acute, 1.
Leaf bases with 2 very large auricles, the auricles similar in size.
The public order regime expresses and enforces an ideology that considers that women should not have equal access to public and private freedoms--including the basic components of the right to liberty, security of person and fair trail as set out in Auricles 6 and 7 of the Charter", said Ms.
Other important structures used for identification purposes, such as the ligule (Figures 4 and 5), collar (Figures 6 and 7), and auricles (Figures 8 and 9), are found at the collar area where the leaf sheath and blade join (Figures 10 to 13).
A similar observation was made in experiments with frog auricles: DNA was released to the same concentrations during successive transfer of auricles to fresh medium, purified frog DNA did not inhibit release of DNA, and damaged auricles did not yield more DNA into the medium (5).
There are few animal models for acne, the main ones being hamster auricles and the utricles of the rhino mouse.
Small, auricles set-off by deep sulci; 47 narrow body costae increasing by intercalation; interspaces narrow; nine fine costae on posterior auricle, 11 costae on anterior auricle; umbonal angle 88 degrees; numerous fine comarginal growth lines which become beaded crossing costae on anterior auricle; other features not observed.
The keys contain detailed drawings of the biological structure of the specimens, illustrating wings, pterothoraxes, caudal appendages, heads, eyes, auricles, and other structures.