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Synonyms for auricle

a small conical pouch projecting from the upper anterior part of each atrium of the heart

the externally visible cartilaginous structure of the external ear

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Petrification of the auricles is caused more often by calcification than by ossification.
1) Malformational auricular anomalies are those caused during early embryologic development, as the auricle develops between the 6th and 12th gesrational week.
Leaflets mostly oval (almost as long as wide) and usually less than 9 mm long; auricles lacking at base of leaflets.
Erica Lamar, Durwyn Duncan, Willie Jenkins, Michael Collingwood, SCSU PAIR Team 21 Heart Dissection (Deer Hearts) G-6 & 7 Learn to identify the auricles, ventricles and Rm H 116 valves of a four-chambered heart during the dissection of a deer heart.
The keys contain detailed drawings of the biological structure of the specimens, illustrating wings, pterothoraxes, caudal appendages, heads, eyes, auricles, and other structures.
The poem is an address to Christ's heart, "O holy auricles, venerable ventricles;' and features a list of musical and alliterative appositives, reminding us of yet another great master of Christian poetry, Gerard Manley Hopkins.
This provided much more rapid and accurate mapping of both auricles and ventricles.
On the table before him, much like a roasted turkey on a platter, appears a blood-red heart, anatomically correct with its auricles, ventricles, and severed arteries.
The valves and auricles of the heart, Flower of the aorta, anthracite, Hurricane of the cardinal points, Cords of the night, The moon listens at the door.
The shell, a left valve, is nearly complete with the exception of portions of the auricles.
human heart are not accounted for only by its auricles and ventricles.
In July 2009, five of 7 llamas at a farm near Calcata (Viterbo) in Northern Latium, Italy, had skin lesions at different sites (palpebral conjunctiva, auricles, teats, mouth, and anus) that evolved from nodules to crusts; some had a crater morphologic appearance typical of poxvirus lesions (Figure 1, panel A).
It prolonged the conduction time and refractory period in isolated rabbit auricles (Madan et al.
A coarse face was observed with anteverted nostrils, large and low-set auricles and increased forehead lines (Picture 1).