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Eusebius dates Polycarp's martyrdom to the reign of Marcus Aurelius (161-80), either 166 or 169.
In Fellman's writing, the self-contained, self-controlled leader of legend is an inwardly tortured man, burdened by his born-again Christian beliefs and the Stoic principles he derived from a constant reading of Marcus Aurelius.
IT looks like Aussie supermodel Elle MacPherson wants to make sure her baby son, Aurelius Cy, is just as fashion-conscious as she is.
SUPERMODEL Elle MacPherson played the doting mum when she took her new baby son Aurelius on his first shopping trip.
David Barron, trainer of Impressive Flight and Marcus Aurelius
He is set to run both Impressive Flight and Marcus Aurelius in the sixfurlong handicap, which he won with Mallia in 1996 and has also had several horses placed in recent years - including future Group One winner Coastal Bluff who was second in 1995.
180, Emperor Marcus Aurelius (Richard Harris) and his Roman army are in the forests of Germania, fighting one last battle to secure the empire's vast boundaries.
Wasserman, however, surely should have distinguished more carefully between simple replicas such as the Marcus Aurelius (now in Providence) and highly dubious reconstructions such as the Athena Parthenos (now in Nashville), or the two Sforza horse projects.
With a magician's help, Aurelius creates the illusion that the rocks have disappeared.
Aurelius Carus; left to administer the western provinces when Carus marched against Persia (282-283); coemperor with his brother Numerianus after his father's death in Mesopotamia (summer 283); campaigned against the Germans along the Rhine (summer 284); crushed the rebellion of Aurelius Julianus, governor of Venetia, near Verona (spring 285), but faced war with Diocletian, who had become emperor in the East after Numerianus' assassination (September?
The book of Marcus Aurelius Antoninus, emperor of Rome from 161 to 180, has been called The Thoughts and The Reflections, but most commonly Meditations.
Arveragus returns, and Aurelius pines until a magician succeeds in making it appear that the rocks have disappeared.
EFH), Texas Competitive Electric Holdings Company LLC (TCEH) or their affiliates based on recent allegations from lender Aurelius Capital Management LP (Aurelius).
AURELIUS had just sold its subsidiary Getronics to the strategic investor Bottega InvestCo.
M2 EQUITYBITES-September 26, 2016-Office Depot plans sale of European business to The AURELIUS Group