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an extension at the end and at right angles to the main building

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Gillman, a Dallas Morning News political writer, telephoned James Aune, an associate professor of speech communications who had a research grant at the Center for Presidential Studies at the Bush School.
Reading Gramsci (2011) in light of the intellectual tendency of Marxist theory to displace the rhetorical tradition, Aune isolates hegemony as a bridge that can productively create a red rhetoric.
Keeping that in mind, Aune found a patch of oxalis, plucking a few of its tart leaves for the dozens who came to wander the park's nine-year-old native plant garden for a two-hour tour.
Before dawn, Aune (pronounced awe-nee) hoisted Old Glory for the last time outside the six-story box of glass west of runway One Six Right.
In Selling the Free Market: the Rhetoric of Economic Correctness, Aune does not merely analyse the discursive strategies used by the American right wing to "sell" unbridled capitalism to the American people--the stated goal of the book--but rather takes readers on a tour de force that gives insight into the economic ontology of libertarians (which he does not believe to be as objective as its proponents would claim).
Aune was born in Gardner, May 3, 1921, the daughter of Henry and Hannah (Kokinen) Keskinen.
VAN NUYS - The Cessna banked slowly into its final approach to Van Nuys Airport runway One Six Left - directly into the binoculars of veteran air traffic controller Phil Aune.
Please contact Liz Aune at 415/515-3739, to schedule a time.
Before he left us too soon, Jim Aune did a lot of important work.
Emily Aune not only rides a bike to work, she rides one at work.
He wouldn't make any mistakes,'' said Matt's mom, Karlene Aune.
At times, at least, it seemed that Aune had decided not to consider Heidegger's (arguably) great insights because of his involvement with Nazism.
Aune nurses Bear's wounds but is killed when the villagers turn on her.
We are very enthusiastic about this transaction,'' Manik Chief Executive Brian Aune said in the statement.
The company also announced the addition of Janice Aune as a member of its Board of Directors.