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a terrorist organization whose goal is to take over Japan and then the world

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AUM measured in the one-, three-, and five-year peer group rankings represents 68%, 67%, and 64% of total Invesco AUM, respectively, and AUM measured versus benchmark on a one-, three-, and five-year basis represents 84%, 81%, and 76% of total Invesco AUM, respectively, as of 3/31/09.
The only exception is former AUM physician Ikuo Hayashi, 62, who is currently serving a life sentence in prison.
According to last month's decision by the top court, Hayakawa conspired with Matsumoto and others to kill a 21-year-old AUM follower, who wanted to leave the cult, at its facility in Shizuoka Prefecture in February 1989.
In November of that year, Hayakawa, in conspiracy with other AUM members, broke into the home of lawyer Tsutsumi Sakamoto in Yokohama and killed Sakamoto, 33, his wife Satoko, 29, and their 1-year-old son Tatsuhiko.
Members of AUM Shinrikyo, or AUM Supreme Truth in English, staged sarin nerve gas attacks against a residential district in Matsumoto, Nagano Prefecture, in 1994 and against Tokyo's subway system in 1995.
Noda, ranked next to the group's de facto current leader, Fumihiro Joyu, was one of six members in the decision-making department of AUM.
They are on death row after being convicted of involvement in a series of crimes committed by AUM Shinrikyo cult members, including the 1995 sarin nerve gas attack on the Tokyo subway system that killed 13 people and injured thousands.
AUM Shinrikyo, known for its sarin nerve gas attacks in the Tokyo subway in 1995 and in Matsumoto, Nagano Prefecture in 1994, renamed itself Aleph in 2000.
And this is why the yogis say that ultimately, the true sound of Aum is heard in deep meditation.
In July 1993, a liquid suspension of Bacillus anthracis was aerosolized from the roof of an eight-story building in Kameido, Tokyo, Japan, by the religious group Aum Shinrikyo.
In the same way, Japanese society seemed to turn a blind eye to any mention of Aum (now called "Aleph") that doesn't convey it as evil incarnate.
The Tokyo District Court sentenced senior AUM Shinrikyo member Tomomitsu Niimi to death Wednesday for his involvement in a series of murders the cult committed, including the 1995 sarin gas attack on the Tokyo subway system.
On March 20, 1995, several teams of Aum Shinrikyo sect members released aqueous solutions containing highly toxic sarin gas in five Tokyo subway lines during morning rush hour.
The government will consider suspending the use by ministries and agencies of computer software developed by companies linked to the AUM Shinrikyo cult, Chief Cabinet Secretary Mikio Aoki said Wednesday.
said Wednesday it has stopped offering the "Greeting Card System" Internet service using computer-system software developed by a company affiliated to the AUM Shinrikyo cult.