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In declining order of importance, these families were the Scaridae, Acanthuridae, Holocentridae (exclusively of the subfamily Holocentrinae, the squirrelfishes), Monacanthidae, Priacanthidae, Chaetodontidae, Aulostomidae, and Cirrhitidae (Table 2).
3): 1) negative electivity, large wild abundance (Pomacentridae, Labridae, Acanthuridae); 2) moderate positive electivity, moderate to large wild abundance (e.g., Chaetodontidae, Mullidae, Scaridae); and 3) large positive electivity, low wild abundance (Aulostomidae, Monacanthidae).
Finally, for the generally large-body families Monacanthidae (D=0.47), Aulostomidae (D=0.82), and Holocentridae (D = 0.99), size differences between the diet and the wild were large and highly significant (P<0.01), and sizes as small as in the diet were rarely observed in the wild (Fig.
argus nutrition was then based on 1) accessible sizes of reef fishes such as Acanthuridae, Chaetodontidae, or Scaridae, present year-round on the reef, and 2) recruitment pulses providing access to small individuals of different families, including the Aulostomidae and Monacanthidae, of which adults escape predation because of their large size.
0 0 Antennariidae Histrio histrio 5 1 All others 7 0 Apogonidae Apogon maculatus 302 26 Apogon quadrisquamatus 207 1 Astrapogon puncticulatus 114 5 Aulostomidae Aulostomus maculatus 0 0 Labrisomidae Starksia spp.