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In fact, it should be stressed that some of the nine features listed above may well be synapomorphies of the Eurypterygii as a whole, and not of the Aulopiformes.
Batrachoidiformes, Beloniformes, Elopiformes and Aulopiformes and the families Atherinopsidae, Gobiidae, Pomatomidae, Scombridae, Sphyraenidae and Uranoscopidae, which were represented by a small number of species in the present study.
For example, authors such as Fink and Weitzman (1982) and Fink (1984) stated that some fishes of the orders Stomiiformes and Aulopiformes have 'rostral' premaxillary cartilages similar to those present in members of more derived neoteleostean groups.
Orden Familia Annelida * Total Mollusca Total Gastropoda * Teuthoidea Loliginidae * Arthropoda Total Stomatopoda Lysiosquillidae Squillidae Isopoda Cirolanidae * Decapoda Penaeidae Sicyoniidae Alpheidae Processidae Galatheidae Raninidae Calappidae Majidae Parthenopidae Portunidae Goneplacidae Gecarcinidae Chordata Total Clupeiformes Pristigasteridae Clupeidae Aulopiformes * Scorpaeniformes Dactylopteridae Perciformes Sciaenidae Trichiuridae Pleuronectiforme Bothidae Orden Especie N(n) Annelida * 1 Total Mollusca 6 Total Gastropoda * 5 Teuthoidea 1 Arthropoda 138 Total Stomatopoda 3 Lysiosquilla scabricauda * 3 38 Meiosquilla schmitti * 15 Squilla empusa * 5 Squilla intermedia * 17 Squilla rugosa * 1 Isopoda 1 Decapoda 11 Penaeus spp.
1 ORDEN AULOPIFORMES SUBORDEN SYNODONTOIDEI FAMILIA SYNODONTIDAE Synodus scituliceps Jordan y Gilbert, 1882 Chile arpon 4.