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English architect who played a prominent role in the 19th century revival of Gothic architecture (1812-1852)


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Among others featured are Gothic revivalist Augustus Pugin, who helped redesign Parliament after it was destroyed by fire in 1834, wartime secret agent Odette Hallowes and opera star Kathleen Ferrier.
Augustus Pugin (1812-52), pioneer of the Gothic Revival, suffered a breakdown in February 1852 after which he was admitted to the Bethlehem Pauper Hospital, London.
Other shortlisted books for this year's award were Rosemary Hill's biography of Augustus Pugin, God's Architect, and Rajiv Chandrasekaran for Imperial Life in the Emerald City, as well as the novels Tahmima Anam's A Golden Age and Catherine O'Flynn's What Was Lost.
AUGUSTUS Pugin designed the Houses of Parliament, cathedrals, churches and grand country houses and his mid-19th-century ideas about how ordinary houses should look are still influential today.
Follow in the Queen's footsteps taken during the State Opening of Parliament - from the Robing Chamber where the Queen prepares for the ceremony, the Royal Gallery and the Prince's Chamber to the Chamber of the House of Lords, a lavishly decorated, Neo-Gothic Hall designed by Augustus Pugin where the Lords conduct most of their daily business.
The Terrace Windermere, Lake District These gorgeous houses were built by Augustus Pugin in the 1850s.
The All Party Parliamentary Arts and Heritage Group is planning to visit Birmingham on its next explorative field trip to explore the legacy of Augustus Pugin.
With assistant Augustus Pugin he designed the new Houses of Parliament.
When the 19th-century architect Augustus Pugin, a fervent Catholic, considered the new landscapes of industrial England, he attacked them not merely for their appearance but for their moral effects too: for being goads to evil.
AUGUSTUS PUGIN (1812-52) lived 'a long life in a short one'.
Tony Robinson follows the renovation of the Ramsgate house owned by Augustus Pugin, who left a lasting legacy in England.
There were protests from conservationists, businesses and residents who claimed the scheme would spoil the historic character of the area and the setting of the cathedral, a grade one listed building designed more than 150 years ago by architect Augustus Pugin.
In the polite society in which Augustus Pugin moved they would not want to upset the gentle sex by reminding them of the grosser side of life.
The 19th century-style mirrors were made in Dorset to plans laid out by architect Augustus Pugin who rebuilt Parliament in the 1830s.
Leading cinemas TOUR Handsworth Heritage Walk See fine Georgian and Victorian architecture, a convent designed by Augustus Pugin and a church built nearly one millennium ago that is known as the ''Westminster Abbey of the Industrial Revolution''.