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a Roman Catholic friar or monk belonging to one of the Augustinian monastic orders

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23) This is the opinion of Buttiglione according to which a notion of modernity reconciled with Augustinianism would be exposed to two dangers: "Unilateral Augustinianism" and "Catholic Reaction.
In previous writing on Renaissance humanism Bouwsma has analyzed the movement as intermingling influences from two polar conceptual schemes, Augustinianism and Stoicism.
This and other Unitarian attacks on Beecher sealed his reputation as a scholarly lightweight, but his attempts to water down Augustinianism won him no friends among conservative Calvinists either.
Pascal is well known to be an early modern disciple of Augustine, but it has not always been sufficiently emphasized that Pascal's Augustinianism differs profoundly from its source in many ways.
In the following chapter Olson follows the path of Augustinianism through the theologies of John Cassian and Pope Gregory the Great, providing much information not usually available in histories of theology.
This work, never translated into English, was later revised into "twin volumes" that found their way into two English translations as The Mystery of the Supernatural (London: Chapman, 1967) and Augustinianism and Modern Theology (London: Chapman 1969).
Perhaps the influence of Augustinianism could also be identified.
18) This, Marina concludes, places Kant's account within a theological horizon of grace that, marked deeply by Augustinianism, not only "strays far from the Reformation view which sought to comprehend justification in forensic terms" but also places "[Kant's] doctrine of grace .
The author concludes by noting that if, as Weisheipl contends, Avicebron--and not Augustine--was the source of the voluntarism that characterized thirteenth-century Augustinianism, that was the case only because thirteenth-century Christian thinkers misunderstood--as Weisheipl has--Avicebron's doctrine of the divine will.
Yet since we do not imagine that these three men conspired among themselves to contrive the useful fiction of a fabulously wealthy fourteen year-old embracing the life of Christian virginity and since other sources provide some corroboration, I suggest our starting point should not be the theological currents of incipient Augustinianism, but rather, Demetrias herself.
Scott thus defines Augustinianism, in the third and final section (pp.
oversimplifies Thomism as "an artificial sealing off of the deliverances of faith from the deliverances of reason" (187), he is right to point out that Plantinga's presumed Augustinianism is not always true to Augustine himself.
The trouble with this odd picture is that it ignores the mainstream which, like Thomas, sought to reconcile Augustinianism and Aristotelianism.
Rosemary Sheed (London: Chapman, 1967); and Augustinianism and Modern Theology (London: Chapman, 1969).
traces surprising and illuminating correspondences between the Augustinianism of Milbank's "peaceable kingdom" and Habcrmas's grounding assumption that concord rather than dissonance is the basis of communicative action.