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a Roman Catholic friar or monk belonging to one of the Augustinian monastic orders

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4) Henri de Lubac's Augustinianism and Modern Theology is a thorough summary of these findings.
The appearance of this question beckons us right to the key characteristic of Augustine's theory because the correct answer to it, we can know something about the God because the God has assisted us in it, grounds among other things Augustine's thesis of divine illumination which came to inform medieval Augustinianism for centuries (see Gilson 1961:77-88 et al.
In her writings, Agnes developed an ethics of resistance to authorities that were seeking to compel the nuns to reject Jansen's version of Augustinianism.
He sets forth carefully the radical distinction between this Panentheistic perspective and Augustinianism.
However, Hubmaier also invoked Augustine favorably on the issue of free will to overturn what he perceived as the abuse of Augustine by his Lutheran-inspired congregants in Nikolsburg, seeking to replace this with the moderate Augustinianism that characterized his academic preparation.
Perhaps a vigorous revival of Augustinianism or of the thought of Bonaventure would have served equally well.
Burgess, a self-designated Manichaean, sees people like Alex playing an important role in the dynamic interplay of good and evil, and in a cyclical theory, a constant back and forth movement from Augustinianism to Pelagianism.
11) Meyendorff believed that a fundamental theological distinction lay behind this difference in approaches to reformation that can be traced back to the predominance of Augustinianism throughout the West (particularly in Catholicism, but also in Protestantism).
Whereas Stoicism advocated indifference (apatheia) and self-control associated with the classical writers Seneca and Cicero, Augustinianism drew on Aristotle's belief in moderate emotion as a foundation for virtuous action while underscoring Augustine's belief in passionate feeling as a means toward spiritual conversion and growth.
But the relationship between democracy, liberty, and Christianity is more subtle than Kraynak's version of political Augustinianism tends to present it.
Russo fills out this framework with a cultural history of theatre (Chapter 8), a discussion of Montesquieu (Chapters 6 and 7), and a particularly suggestive analysis of the continuing importance of Augustinianism to Les Lumieres.
While the question of Arendt's Augustinianism exceeds the limits of this essay, the situation concerning her relation to Judaism is otherwise.
In 1930, on the occasion of the 15th centenary of Saint Augustine, also the 50th anniversary of the PAST was celebrated, with an international week dedicated to both Thomism and Augustinianism.
It requires a deeply reasoned conviction that the wisdom of the ancients is superior to that of the moderns--an insight that can be found, for example, in Leo Strauss's Platonism or in traditional Christianity (meaning, real Augustinianism, Thomism, or Calvinism).
Bonaventure, but John Peckham, Franciscan Master at the University of Paris, has left an account of a controversy between the Franciscan Masters of Theology at the University of Paris and their brand of Augustinianism, at the time when St.