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any of several monastic orders observing a rule derived from the writings of St

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This was held by the Augustinian order until raiding parties came to this isolated spot.
The adherence to Luther's ideas had consequences as his fellow members of the Augustinian order in Antwerp, Hendrik Vos and Johannes van Essen, had to pay with their lives for propagating Lutheran ideas in 1523.
First published in 1833, The Dolorous Passion of Our Lord Jesus Christ is a work based on visions of Anne Catherine Emmerich, a stigmatic German nun of the Augustinian order expected to be beatified soon, as recorded by author Clemens Brentano.
In its place was established the famous hospice with its Augustinian order of monks that still stands today, having served as a refuge for international travellers down the centuries.
Giovanni Rovetta is cited in the same records for his having conducted funeral music for the bead of the Augustinian order in 1648.
For example, the Catholic Augustinian order was given the right in 1842 to open and manage Villanova University.
We are very grateful to Archbishop Theodore McCarrick of Newark and the Very Reverend John Deegan, Prior Provincial of the Augustinian Order, St.
The mission of the expanded Center also envisions a program of international study and student exchange which avails itself of the opportunities provided by the presence in Muslim countries of the world wide Augustinian Order, which founded Merrimack College.
Wilkinson introduces the reader to Egidio (Giles) of Viterbo, the cardinal, humanist, supporter of Reuchlin, and general of the Augustinian Order, as a major proponent of this movement, which died or scattered during the anti-Talmud activities of the Roman Inquisition beginning in 1553.
He serves as a Trustee of Stevenson University; in 2008 was elected Vice Chairman of the United States Marine Corps Reserve Toys for Tots Foundation; serves as a member of the Development Board of the Augustinian Order, Villanova, Pa; and is a Board Member of the HOA of Sunset Island, Ocean City, Md.
But Monfasani rightly underscores its historical importance as being an interesting testimony to the interests and activities of a distinct group of Italian Platonists around Giles of Viterbo, the General of the Augustinian Order.
Fr Richard Goode, Fr Ignatius O'Donovan and Fr Noel Hession, all of the Augustinian Order, held an Easter Sunday mass at Drogheda, Co Louth, with the Rev Michael Graham.
s investigation of Luther, and perhaps of the Augustinian order as well.
In 1184 a priory for the Augustinian order was built.
A spokeswoman for the Augustinian order of nuns at Ince Blundell Hall,Crosby, said: ``The feeling here among the patients and staff is that this is really not somethings uitablefor Liverpool or anywhere else.