Augustinian Hermits

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a monastic order of friars established in 1256 by the Pope

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In this examination of the mendicant thesis, ten international academics contribute 11 chapters to the first detailed study of the visual culture of the Augustinian Hermits, whose churches were decorated with works by notable artists from Simone Martini to Raphael.
Giles entered the Order of the Augustinian Hermits in 1258, at the height of the mendicant-secular clergy conflicts in Paris (1252-59).
The Augustinian Hermits have not always received the same scholarly attention as the other mendicant orders.
Frazier explores the motivations for Giacomo's unusual choice of subject matter, contextualizing the vita Helenae in relation to local politics as well as in relation to conflict between the Augustinian Hermits, with whom Elena was closely connected, and their rival Augustinian Lateran Canons.
Leo X initially tried to deal with it on 3 February 1518 by asking the vicar general of the Augustinian Hermits to silence his subject.