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(Roman Catholic Church) one of the great Fathers of the early Christian church

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Corpus Christianorum, Series Latina, XXVII Sancti Augustini.
Nanque Augustini ingenium, et facundia et ardens / Illa adeo pietas, atque amor ille boni / Hanc mentem inspirant, coeli de vertice, virtus / Unde hominum, unde Deum non moriatur honos.
aasta augustini kehtivate eeskirjade jargi pidid maatootud end tooborsil registreerima iga kuu uuesti, linnatootud aga iga kahe nadala tagant.
56) He tellingly calls this relationship the speculum Augustini (mirror of Augustine): the First Principle expresses itself perfectly in the Word, and this "perfect production" is the principle of a "perfect diffusion" of the divine nature.
Maist kuni augustini purskas Asama vulkaan Jaapanis (3) ja Euroopas naitas oma elujoudu, tosi kull, vaikese purskega, Vesuuv.
Augustini Rahayu, deputy director of International Promotion for Europe, told TTN she was confident of the tourism strategy but was also aware of potential challenges.
Aurelii Augustini Hipponensis episcopi De Civitate Dei libri XXII .
For documentation, see Alonso, 154-155, using bulls of the Order, Bullarium Ordinis Sancti Augustini, Regesta, IV (Rome, 1991), 33, n.
Sebastian Franck, Krieg Buchlin des Friedes (New York: Georg Olm Verlag, 1975 [reprint of sixteenth-century manuscript]), 3: "Item das dieser krieg wider all krieg und krieger nit mein ist, sonder furnemlich der heyligen Schrifft, Christi, seintr werbbotten, alten und newen Lerern der Kirchen, nemlich, Augustini, Ambrosii, Hieronymi, Cypriani, Bernardi, Tertuliani, Origenis, Gregorii .
45) The incorrect summary of this list by the clergy attending the Roman Council (patrum Ambrosii, Augustini et ceterorum) (46) demonstrates that the combination and sequence of Holy Fathers used by Boniface were not standard.
One of the added feasts at this stage was Translatio beatissimi Augustini doctoris .
Hovelius L, Olofsson A, Sandstrom B, Augustini BG, Krantz L, Fredin H, Tillander B, Skoglund U, Salomonsson B, Nowak J and Sennerby U (2008).
Augustini, De doctrina christiana (Urbe Sacti Ludovici: Officina Synodi Missouriensi Lutheranae, 1927) 2.
24) In the collection, Legimus sanctum Moysen appears first, accompanied by the rubric "Homilia infra ebdomadam ante Natalem Domini" (Homily [to be read] during the week before Christmas); Vos inquam follows, labeled with the rubric "Item sermo beati Augustini episcopi de adventu domini" (Similarly, a sermon of St.
25) Ambrose is quoted in letter 54 in S Aureli Augustini Hipponiensis episcopi Epistulae, in A.