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(Roman Catholic Church) one of the great Fathers of the early Christian church

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There is the wounded man," said De Guiche, passing close to the Augustine brother.
The former executioner of Bethune, who has just been brought in here, assassinated by Spaniards, and who is now being confessed by an Augustine friar.
There is a most busy and important round of eating, drinking, dressing, walking, visiting, buying, selling, talking, reading, and all that makes up what is commonly called living, yet to be gone through; and this yet remained to Augustine.
Augustine was glad in his heart that he had married so undiscerning a woman; but as the glosses and civilities of the honeymoon wore away, he discovered that a beautiful young woman, who has lived all her life to be caressed and waited on, might prove quite a hard mistress in domestic life.
But, how in the world can Miss Ophelia get along with Augustine St.
When a boy, it had been hers to teach him his catechism, mend his clothes, comb his hair, and bring him up generally in the way he should go; and her heart having a warm side to it, Augustine had, as he usually did with most people, monopolized a large share of it for himself, and therefore it was that he succeeded very easily in persuading her that the "path of duty" lay in the direction of New Orleans, and that she must go with him to take care of Eva, and keep everything from going to wreck and ruin during the frequent illnesses of his wife.
The book does recognize some differences in the textual practices of Augustine and Petrarch and some differences between the historical and the constructed Augustines.
Rereading the Renaissance: Petrarch, Augustine, and the Language of Humanism.
tells us that there are many Augustines, but "this book is about two in particular, the one who lived and died a long time ago and the one who lives to be remade by us and is known from his works.
warns that "we need to be cunning in evading the snares he [Augustine] laid for his biographers" (37), but that he will in the next few pages present in simple terms the story Augustine told in books one to nine.
Boissier claimed that early dialogues and the Confessions present two quite different Augustines: the Augustine of the dialogues was mainly a neo-Platonic philosopher with only a tinge of Christianity, while the Confessions describe Augustine the Catholic bishop in the light of the Christian faith to which he had come.
O'Connell has taken these three conversions as the focus for his fascinating study, showing us how much there is still to learn from a fresh examination of these pivotal episodes through an analysis of the images Augustine used in describing them.
Augustine so we compiled all of our insight in one convenient place to make moving to St.
Augustine, FL Mover's Guide outlines everything you need to know about moving to St.
When the Pelagian Julian accused the Bishop of Hippo of having changed his opinion regarding the nature and transmission of original sin, Augustine invited Julian to look at his earliest writings and therein to see the consistency of thought that existed all along--sic tenui semper ut teneo (c.