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French philosopher remembered as the founder of positivism

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Mill himself described Auguste Comte as a socialist and agreed with him "qua socialist, that is, calling for an entire renovation of social institutions and doctrines, in which respect I am entirely at one with him" (CW 13:739; cf.
I mentioned Auguste Comte as the inventor of the "Religion of Humanity.
10) Firmin makes repeated (frequently favorable) references to Auguste Comte and Herbert Spencer--the former being the founder of positivism and the latter, though rejecting the label, (11) falling into the positivist camp in at least one important sense.
Focussing specifically on the translations by Martineau and Eliot of works by Auguste Comte and David Friedrich Strauss, Scholl argues that '[t]he power to mediate, reinterpret and lead the reader gives the translator the authority to redefine both the home culture and the foreign on their own terms' (p.
Although he closes with a brief consideration of the secular Religion of Humanity developed by the positivist Auguste Comte, de Botton nowhere recognizes that there is a proud history of humanist attempts to build community, encourage kindness, and provide education (the Ethical Culture Society being perhaps the prime example).
A follower of Auguste Comte, Spencer is perhaps best known today for his contributions to sociology.
Hesketh usefully discusses Buckle's work, documenting Buckle's great respect for Auguste Comte, and the concerted attack that was mounted to discredit this presumptuous young autodidact, an attack that focused particularly on the denial of free will discerned in Buckle's mechanistic vision of historical change.
Though Texans rarely attend closely to French philosophers, one 19th-century French philosopher, Auguste Comte, made a point - "demography is destiny" - that has been much on Texas minds lately.
Dr Barlow argues that Looney's book was connected to his attraction to an alternative secular religion devised by the 19th Century French philosopher Auguste Comte.
They present nine papers that discuss how Maistre's fascist reputation was solidified by Isaiah Berlin and then consider the ways in which the thinking of Maistre was taken up by such figures as Auguste Comte (1798-1857), Jules-Amedee Barbey D'Aurevilly (1808-89), Friedrich von Gentz (1764-1832), Freidrich von Hardenberg (1772-1801), Friedrich Schlegel (1772-1829), Franz von Baader (1765-1841), Walter Benjamin (1894-1942), and Herbert Marcuse (1898-1979).
Seventeen-year-old Marie studied French philosopher Auguste Comte, the father of Positivism, and began to believe that education, not military force, was the way to extricate the Polish people from Russian dominance.
Mary Pickering has spent thirty years of her life working on her biography of Auguste Comte, and the resulting two thousand or so pages are evidence of the amount of research and documentation involved.
Although altruism is often associated with religion, the term was in fact coined in the nineteenth century by the French philosopher Auguste Comte who related it to a defiantly secular 'religion of humanity'.
Transparecem ai algumas contradicoes, como a apreendida por Pascale Molinier em relacao a obra de Auguste Comte ou por Roland Pfefferkorn sobre Emile Durkheim: quando recorrem, em determinados momentos, a fatores de ordem "natural" na defesa ou explicacao de papeis hierarquicamente diferenciados entre os sexos, esses parecem negar os seus proprios preceitos que, em tese, privilegiam o social em detrimento do biologico como elemento estruturante das sociedades e das relacoes sociais.
In 1835--the same year the New York Sun conjured up its lunar unicorns and bipedal beavers--French philosopher Auguste Comte claimed that real knowledge of the stars was categorically impossible, "necessarily denied to us.