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Synonyms for August

Synonyms for August

raised to or occupying a high position or rank

Synonyms for August

of or befitting a lord


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profoundly honored

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The Auguste Escoffier schools integrate the best of CSR and CAA programs with a more comprehensive focus on the principles, methods, recipes and quality standards of Escoffier.
About Auguste Escoffier Schools of Culinary Arts The Auguste Escoffier Schools of Culinary Arts offer professional culinary arts programs based on the methods, principles and systems of Auguste Escoffier, the international culinary icon and the source of modern cooking.
The point about the three Ferrets (photographs of Gustave, Claude and the great Auguste larking about as young men inject some levity into an otherwise ponderous tome) is that they were not just architects but a design-and/or-build firm.
Auguste went on to study at the University of California at Berkeley and Carnegie Mellon University and to work at companies such as Xerox, US West, and Apple Computer Inc.
Building on the success of CSR and pending necessary regulatory approvals, Triumph HEG plans to transition the school to the Auguste Escoffier School of Culinary Arts.
The levels of enthusiasm and professionalism our winners demonstrated are highly impressive," said Wendy Johnston, Regional Director of Admissions for the Auguste Escoffier Schools of Culinary Arts.
Donna Auguste of Freshwater Software provides Web-monitoring solutions for e-businesses
Begun by Auguste Leon in May 1913 (between two Balkan wars) and continued by Stephane Passet in September that year (just after the second Balkan war had ended), the survey was completed by Leon Busy in 1918, when First World War Allied troops were still based in Salonika.
Notwithstanding this gesture toward Lyons' native sons Auguste and Louis Lumiere in the centennial year of the French cinema, the biennial's "historical" section of 23 works began only in 1963 with the respective video distortions of Nam June Paik and Wolf Vostell.
A decade before Frederic Auguste Bartholdi's Statue of Liberty was presented to America by the citizens of France, another important monument to freedom - also by Bartholdi and also a gift from France - was unveiled in Union Square.
Plans to Develop First Auguste Escoffier School of Culinary Arts
Dowling oversees curriculum content for Triumph's culinary schools, Auguste Escoffier Schools of Culinary Arts located in Austin, Texas and Boulder, Colorado, and the newly launched Escoffier Online International Culinary Academy, the first-ever online culinary school, offering professional culinary, baking and pastry training for aspiring chefs.
Zach Auguste also put the finishing touches on a stellar junior season for the Panthers, finishing with a game-high 25 points.
Harkness Ballet debuted Margo Sappington's Rodin, Mis En Vie in New York in 1974; only this year was the ballet performed in the city that houses many of the Auguste Rodin sculptures that inspired it.
Painting: Children on the Seashore, Guernsey, by Auguste Renoir (1883, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston).