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French sculptor noted for his renderings of the human form (1840-1917)

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In the fourth chapter, Silverman examines the relationship between artist and amateur in fin-de-siecle illustrated books by studying the cases of publishers Paul Gallimard, Eugene Rodrigues, Pierre Dauze and Octave Uzanne, and artists August Rodin, Lucien Pissarro, Georges de Feure and Felix Vallotton.
Tom had no formal art tuition but began painting after reading a biography of the sculptor August Rodin, loaned to him by fellow shiftworker Jim Mulholland.
Some of these artists were Paul Renoir, Claude Monet, August Rodin and Gustave Courbet.
Por lo que toca a la escultura, el periplo de Dante guiado por Virgilio al interior de los nueve circulos infernales alcanzo, sin duda, su interpretacion mas intensa y poderosa en Las puertas del infierno de August Rodin que se encuentran en el celebre Museo Rodin de Paris, en frente de Los Invalidos.