Friedrich August Kekule von Stradonitz

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German chemist remembered for his discovery of the ring structure of benzene (1829-1896)

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Friedrich August Kekule, Adolphe Wurtz, y Karl Weltzien (1813-1870) convocaron este primer congreso internacional a celebrarse durante los dias 3, 4 y 5 de septiembre de 1860, la forma de organizar un evento de semejante magnitud se ha mantenido hasta nuestros dias.
Only one textual passage comes to disrupt the tireless repetition of the graphic structure: an excerpt from the journal of the German chemist August Kekule, who, while living in Ghent, supposedly discovered the annular structure of benzene after a vision of a snake biting its own tail appeared to him during a day-dream.
Friedrich August Kekule had a dream of a snake curled into a circle, eating its own tail.
The 19th-century German chemist Friedrich August Kekule had spent years studying carbon compounds, trying to deduce their molecular shape.
However, Frankland's notion of valence (see 1852) offered an important handle, which the German chemist Friedrich August Kekule von Stradonitz (1829-1896) made use of.
In 1858 Friedrich August Kekule introduced his valence bond theory of chemical combination that he used in 1865 when he suggested a chemical structure for benzene.
For example, Louis Pasteur (1822-1895), who initially wanted to be a professor of fine arts, attended lectures by Dumas, who encouraged him to do research in chemistry [16]; and Friedrich August Kekule (1829-1896), a pupil of Liebig, in Giessen, went to Paris to follow courses given by Dumas [4].