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a hypothetical three-dimensional visual world created by a computer

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United States Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality Market Forecast & Opportunities, 2020 has evaluated the future growth potential of United States augmented reality & virtual reality market, and provides statistics and information on market structure, size, share and future growth of the market.
Customised augmented reality learning objects would then be developed that support competency in performing those tasks.
Augmented reality is a fast developing technology that supplements a physical, real-world environment with computer-generated sensory input.
We also have included augmented reality multimedia in this issue's supplement.
Augmented reality technology developed ten years ago and has allowed for household inventions like the Wii computer console.
companies, consumers are more willing to buy a product after learning how to use it using augmented reality technology.
The automaker aims to turn all its vehicles and brand assets into augmented reality platform to offer customers access to additional content and information whenever they encounter the brand.
This Blue Paper is meant to help people better understand what augmented reality is and how companies are using it now.
To help non-programmers develop augmented reality applications, Metaio has introduced Creator, which allows apps to be created using a drag-and-drop interface.
Ahmad Abdulkarim Julfar, chief executive officer of Etisalat Group, participating at a roundtable discussion on Digital Transformation at ITU Telecom World 2012, said: "The rapid development of new technologies such as mobile phone cameras, more powerful computing processors, touch screens, GPS devices and more, are driving the development of the digital applications, including Augmented Reality.
Part of the Northwest showroom will be devoted to this technology, enabling visitors to put augmented reality experiences with the company's products on their smart devices.
Allowing the players to move around in the real world, with the game adapting to those movements, is what augmented reality adds to the mobile gaming experience, said Qualcomm business development manager Roy Lawrence Ashok Inigo.
Key words: augmented reality, virtual reality, assembly
com put it, "Olympus has just stepped up and dare I say justified augmented reality with this sweet 3D demo of their PEN E-PL1.
Qualcomm is pushing augmented reality hard -- $125,000 worth, if you can develop mobile phone applications with it.
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