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rig used in drilling for oil or gas

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The main idea of auger drilling is to get data on the depth and thickness of the gravel bed, the thickness of the over burden and the basement geology.
315 auger drilling samples collected and analysed for low level gold mineralisation (max 309 ppb gold) and multi-element association (31 additional elements analysed)
The Company recently completed an extensive auger drilling and soil sampling program at the 701 Mile project.
Framework agreement with purchase orders for the realization of directional or auger drilling for the networks of drinking water and the sewerage under pressure and gravity.
The first phase of sampling covered an area of approximately 17km2 and generated a number of strong gold anomalies which were subsequently sampled by auger drilling.
M2 EQUITYBITES-April 5, 2012-African Mining & Exploration to start Auger drilling in Mali(C)2012 M2 COMMUNICATIONS http://www.
Our exploration team is currently conducting additional geophysical surveys, trenching and auger drilling to track the mineralized zones in and around Ouare.
Optional drill heads allow for limited auger drilling.
Osceola, Iowa, this all-hydraulic drilling rig uses percussive drilling to get through hard pavement layers, and powerful auger drilling for handling all types of soil, including frozen ground.
Following two successive winter exploration drilling programs, Klondike Star completed a third winter drilling program in March 2007 and mounted a major auger drilling initiative after spring break-up in May.
Shallow auger drilling has recently been completed at the Zacatecas lithium brine project, metallurgical testwork is ongoing on Burro Creek samples whilst the permitting process to allow resource drilling to commence at Burro Creek is progressing well.
Recent work by Birimian Gold, including extensive programs of shallow aircore and auger drilling, has delineated a highly anomalous, coherent, 12km long gold trend; the Dankassa Gold Trend.
Vice-President, Operations for Klondike Star Mineral Corporation (OTCBB:KDSM) today released results from a productive winter auger drilling program.
Follow-up hand auger drilling program at 400m and 200m x 20m sample spacing for a total of 2,500 samples underway at Bianouan.
The current RAB drilling program is the first systematic drill testing of the gold potential of the JRGB, and follows the soil sampling and auger drilling conducted by Global Metals in two programs last year.