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(Greek mythology) the mythical Greek king who for 30 years did not clean his stables which contained his vast herd of cattle

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The phrase originated in the myth where King Augeas housed 3,000 oxen and never bothered to get the building cleaned.
King Augeas refused to honor his word; Hercules resolved the issue
In Greek mythology cleaning the stable of King Augeas was the fifth task set by Eurystheus for Hercules.
Another myth tells how Hercules, on his fifth labour, had to clean the stables of King Augeas of Elis.
In Greek mythology, one of Hercules' tasks was to clean the stables of King Augeas, where celestial horse muck was being produced at a faster rate than Hercules could shovel it.
he established it beside the ancient tomb of Pelops, when he killed Kteatus, the blameless son of Poseidon and Eurytus, willingly, to make violent, unwilling Augeas pay his servile wage.
Augeas refused the agreed payment and as a result, Hercules later declared war on him.