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(Greek mythology) the mythical Greek king who for 30 years did not clean his stables which contained his vast herd of cattle

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Despite some criticism, the consensus appears to be that the government made the right decision in bringing back the former EFCC boss to cleanse the Nigerian-oil Augean stable.
Not only the rot needs to be cleaned, the Augean stable cleared as well.
Despite the best attempts of governments to bolt the barn door, it is already apparent that some very weird things have been lurking in the Augean stable of finance, and not only in the housing and loan markets.
He was particularly harsh about the environmental challenges presented in assuring nuclear safety, and particularly in Russia's North-West: "The task of cleaning out this gargantuan Augean stable has only just begun.
Eden had asked SOE to clean up 'that Augean stable in Cairo'.
I told Brown in this column that he would have to cleanse this Augean stable if he was not to sink in the mire Blair left behind.
Newfield is right, only a union can clean out the Augean stable.
That was then compounded by the fact that his successor, having pledged to clean up the Augean stable, then proceeded to run an administration that made Mr Major's look positively pristine.
He expunged as far as possible the friction between fantasy and reality--cleaning out the Augean stable of the imagination so that it was spotless and restructuring it to the scale of a child.
Asked to comment on the numerous investigations launched by the auditor general's office into the mishandling of local government funds, Galanos called on anyone who had "evidence of misconduct that took place at the local authority level to notify the auditor general's office so the Augean stable can be cleaned.
The danger for him ( and for Labour ( is that, just as in 1997, cleansing the Augean stable of the stench of sleaze might now require an entirely new government.
A thorough clean-out of the Augean stables is desperately needed.
Whether the Loya Jirga, which is a representative body of all segments of society, including various communities and ethnicities, could cleanse the proverbial Augean stables of Afghanistan is a debatable question but convening the Jirga should not be a problem for President Ashraf Ghani.
It is an uphill task, which necessitates Herculean effort to clean the Augean Stables.