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extremely filthy from long neglect

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However, it is hoped this new application will allow Augean to keep landfilling until the site reaches capacity.
Certainly the Augean stable of Hassan's Morocco could do with a good cleansing.
As part of the failed bid to bring the 2018 World Cup to England, Triesman spent countless days dealing with FIFA, an organization which he believes needs a metaphorical clearing out of the Augean Stables if it is to repair its tarnished image, the report said.
One such challenge, the Vatican Bank, is equivalent to cleaning up the Augean stables.
The question is who will win the election in Mayaand whether the winners will be able to restore calm, stick to Bulgariaas policy of fiscal austerity and finally clean the Augean stables of corporate Bulgaria.
Scotoil recently formed a partnership with Yorkshire-based industrial waste specialist Augean to offer services to companies with environmental challenges.
Fans say Benedict was a great "teaching pope" who also presided over a quiet cleansing of the church's Augean stables, promoting a financial glasnost, committing the church to reform in the fight against clerical sexual abuse, and challenging the careerist and self-aggrandizing culture in the Vatican--most notably, of course, by being willing to renounce the pinnacle of power himself.
We hope, though, that when the cardinals gather to pick Benedict's successor, they consider someone able and willing to clean out the Augean Stables at the Vatican itself.
Hopefully, they will soon discover they are not and the quicker the Commissioner cleans out the Augean stables, the better for all concerned.
TRAINING racehorses for a living may not be equivalent in the brutality of its demands to going down the pit, cleaning the Augean stables or playing wheelchair basketball, but it's a profession whose precariousness and capriciousness have seen many a licence-holder clutching desperately at straws of consolation.
And whether it is to be a benign flood, cleansing the Augean stables of speech and experience, as envisaged in Joyce's Finnegans Wake, or a merely destructive element, may to some extent depend on the degree of exertion and direction which we elicit in ourselves.
Erol Rizaov reminds in Utrinski Vesnik of the stunt of Hercules who managed to turn over the rivers and clean the stables and explains that today the expression Augean stables is used for something utterly desolated, chaotic and dirty, something that simply "cries" for cleaning.
The country at that point didn't seem at all interested in installing a Goldwater to flush out the Augean Stables.
Today, officials who genuinely want to fight corruption, including some at the very top, are often in a minority and lack the power to clean out those Augean Stables," he said, referring to the daunting task of Greek mythology.