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The ABR has been used to help estimate the integrity of cochlear structures and central auditory pathways from the auditory nerve to the superior olivary complex.
That has led neuroscientists to employ a whole-brain imaging approach, utilizing neurophysiological and functional imaging studies, to visualize various regions of hyperactivity in the auditory pathways of tinnitus patients.
BAER was required to document that auditory pathways were intact.
It delivers a customized neural stimulus that targets the brain's auditory pathways and is believed to aid in neuroplasticity, or the process of neuronal change.
Subjecting the brain to pressure gradients through primary injury and other mechanical forces through secondary and tertiary injury can result in the stretching or shearing of neural projections in the auditory pathways [17] as well as contusions to the surface of the brain, injury to blood vessels, and inflammatory changes in response to tissue injury [18].
Certain demyelinating neurologic diseases, many of which have an immunologic basis, result in retro-cochlear hearing deficits as a result of the involvement of the vestibulocochlear nerve and/or the brainstem auditory pathways.
Speech processing involves both the complex brain stem auditory pathways and the primary and association areas of the brain.
Christine Yoshinaga-Itano, Professor of Communication Disorders at the University of Colorado, Boulder, "The most effective window of opportunity for brain stimulation and formation of auditory pathways is between birth and six months.
One "component" that is not illustrated in Figure 3 is the biological component central to the auditory nerve (colored yellow in the figure), which includes the auditory pathways in the brain stem and the auditory cortices of the implant recipient.