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Reduction of amplitudes was also noticed in the present study along with conduction time delays, suggesting reduced recruitment of neuronal pools in the auditory pathways.
Interpretation of the results aids the veterinarian in diagnosing deafness and establishing the severity of the lesion in the auditory pathway (MAYHEW & WASHBOURNE, 1990; STRAIN, 1996).
This showed that the source of latency change is central compared to peripheral auditory pathway.
As shown schematically in the Figure, the ascending central auditory pathways begin with the termination of the auditory nerve at the cochlear nucleus and extend through the brainstem, thalamus, and corpus callosum before terminating in the primary auditory cortex, located in the superior temporal gyrus.
That has led neuroscientists to employ a whole-brain imaging approach, utilizing neurophysiological and functional imaging studies, to visualize various regions of hyperactivity in the auditory pathways of tinnitus patients.
Cellular mechanisms for preservation of timing in central auditory pathways.
Tinnitus is not a disease or an illness, it is a symptom generated within a person's own auditory pathways.
The organization of central auditory pathways in a reptile, Iguana iguana.
A: The inner ear and central auditory pathways require strong oxygen and nutrient support for proper function.
I think the conclusion is that these findings implicate a disturbance of auditory pathways and cortex in bipolar disorder, at least during the manic phase.
Presbyacusis results not only from loss of internal ear hair cells but also from degeneration in the central auditory pathways and auditory cortex(2)(3)(4).
It delivers a customized neural stimulus that targets the brain's auditory pathways and is believed to aid in neuroplasticity, or the process of neuronal change.
Monotic tests are useful for detecting alterations in the auditory pathways, however they do not localize them, since there is involvement of the ipsi and contralateral pathways, resulting in a similar performance for both ears.
Among those with IH due to affection of the central auditory pathways, was cerebral imaging indicative of an affection of the central auditory pathways as well?