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in 1996, auditory neuropathy (AN) is a sensory neurological hearing loss with special clinical manifestations induced by the damage of auditory nerve branch of the VIII cranial nerve.
Whether this performance is associated to the manifestation of the Auditory Neuropathy Spectrum Disorder (ANSD) [2,25] characterized as an Auditory Dyssynchrony--in other words, as a difficulty in comprehending words in cases of slight to moderate hearing loss, especially in loud environments -, or if other characteristics of the procedure decreased the observed variability and guaranteed response maintenance in successive tests, are empirical questions to be answered by future studies.
This results in a form of deafness called auditory neuropathy, which affects about a tenth of deaf people, according to Rivolta.
Auditory neuropathy in patients carrying mutations in the otofer lin gene (oToF).
Interests include the aetiology of hearing loss, auditory processing disorders in the presence of other neurological conditions as well as in the normal population, auditory neuropathy, vestibular rehabilitation and overlap between psychiatric and vestibular disorders.
One child had auditory neuropathy and 29 children (73%) had multiple disabilities.
These researchers put forth different perspectives on issues and controversies in the field, such as with modality specificity, ways to define auditory cortex through magnetic resonance imaging, advanced concepts in anatomy and physiology, learning and plasticity, tinnitus, auditory neuropathy, and musical perception and its disorders.
Hyperbilirubinemia can cause kernicterus, a preventable brain injury that involves permanent brain damage and other complications that may include cerebral palsy, auditory neuropathy, gaze abnormalities, and dental enamel hypoplasia.
He was diagnosed at Middlesbrough's James Cook University Hospital with true auditory neuropathy disorder - which means his hearing organ and brain are not synced together and so any hearing was distorted or absent, as the hearing nerve was missing.
VEMP has been utilized for the diagnosis of various disorders such as, Meniere's disease [2, 3], Acoustic neuromas [4,5,6], Superior canal Dehiscence syndrome, [7], Vestibular neuritis [8],Vertigo[9],Noise induced hearing loss [10], Auditory neuropathy / audio vestibular neuropathy [11] and in other disorders such as cerebellopontine angle tumor [3], Multiple sclerosis.