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Some psychometric properties of the Spanish version of the Clarity of Auditory Imagery Scale.
Inner Reverberations: Verbal Auditory Imagery and Meaning-making in Literary Narrative.
Given the title, we expect a sufficiency of auditory imagery, and Roth fulfills that expectation, but the poem is rich in visual, olfactory, and tactile imagery as well.
Topics covered include inner speech, thoughts, emotions, bodily experiences, visual and auditory imagery, the presence and/or lack of self-awareness accompanying experience, the richness of experience, similarities and differences in experience across human subjects, the influence of presuppositions and metaphorical conceptualizations, and, most centrally, the trustworthiness of introspective reports, ranging from reports of particular details to broad generalizations about experience.
The authors reported two possible explanations for this: (a) despite the fact that subvocalizing the timbre of an instrument is difficult, the timbre was accompanied by pitch, which itself is easily vocalizable; and (b) SMA may have a more general role in auditory imagery (e.
According to Zhihua Zou of the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattle, neuroimaging studies of people recalling odor; taste, visual, and auditory imagery reveal that these processes" activate brain areas that are largely overlapping with, "but not identical to," those activated by actual sensory stimuli.
Experiment 1 used a paired-associate task with words whose referents were high in either visual or auditory imagery.
18) Visual, kinesthetic, and auditory imagery are most relevant in both dance and athletics because these senses are used most frequently in overt learning, practice, performance, and competition experiences.