audit program

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a listing of audit procedures to be performed in completing an audit

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Founded in 2002, Guardium was the first company to identify the core data security gap and bring to market the only out-of-the-box solution that both protects databases in real-time and automates the entire compliance auditing process.
SEATTLE -- Atlas today announced it is the first third-party ad server to complete the auditing process and achieve ad measurement accreditation by the Media Rating Council (MRC).
In addition, IDS Scheer process consulting experts provided support and guided Siemens throughout the auditing process.
We focus on bringing structure and efficiency to the auditing process.
This is a distinction that we are very proud of, as we've worked diligently to prepare for and undergo the auditing process," said Greg Hoogerland, Inflow's director of managed services delivery.
The auditing process can be complex and requires review by company officers to help eliminate errors, which might otherwise result in reissuing an amended filing.