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a listing of audit procedures to be performed in completing an audit

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Medical device manufacturers worldwide recently were invited to participate in a single quality audit program to streamline inspections.
Windows Active Directory, which covers Active Directory management, Secure Active Directory boundaries, secure domain controllers, physical security of the domain controllers, configuration settings, and secure administrative practices "These audit programs are valuable tools because they provide a template to help auditors worldwide complete specific assurance processes," said Norm Kelson, CISA, CGEIT, CPA, lead author of the programs.
Many audit programs consist of groups of supplier quality engineers that audit part time, against a general supplier list.
PPC, McGladrey, Aspen Publishing are among the vendors offering a wide range of electronic publications, checklists, audit programs and other publications in both CD and internet versions.
For example, when LMSB completes the pending pilot of the Compliance Assurance Program (in which corporate taxpayers are audited on a real-time basis throughout the year) and makes the new program more widely available, (8) companies may find that LMSB will have more flexibility to resolve issues before the tax return is filed than it currently has in the traditional audit program after the return is filed.
58) Generally available only to taxpayers with an established filing history, managed audit programs allow taxpayers to conduct a self audit by using state-specific guidelines.
An administrator developing a partnership must realize that for the stop-loss carrier to agree to relax or forgo its traditional administrative and contractual restrictions, the TPA must have strong controls and audit programs in place and be willing to share details of those programs with the carrier.
Most audit programs are designed to evaluate sales under-reporting.
Editorial covers residency and income allocation audit programs, what to do when audited, how audits progress and techniques that can be used to reduce liability.
In interviewing registrars, the foundry looked at reputation, foundry experience, qualifications, cost and the availability of follow-up surveillance audit programs.
NFPA has had meetings with FDA and USDA, and other associations to discuss their audit programs.
The duo also are accused of trying to throw investigators off the trail by disabling computer audit programs and using doctored cellular telephones so that their connections would be untraceable.
Many lenders since then have put audit programs into place.
However, there are certain characteristics that are shared by successful audit programs, including: * Top Management Support: Senior management must actively and visibly support the program, including providing the financial and human resources to implement an auditing program and committing to correcting identified problems expeditiously.
While there are generally accepted guidelines to implementing audit programs, the specific approach is contingent on the nature of the business, the regulatory climate, the potential liabilities associated with past or present company operations and the risk avoidance philosophy embraced by corporate management.