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Synonyms for audiometry

the measurement of hearing


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measuring sensitivity of hearing

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Salma, who underwent a surgery at hearLIFE clinic at Dubai Healthcare City (DHCC) to receive this special implant on September 23, could not hear earlier and is now undergoing extensive rehabilitation after the activation of her implant with speech therapists, psychologists and an audiometrist at the clinic and learning to speak.
She worked as an audiometrist for the Oregon State Board of Health, was a homemaker and worked in reception at Senior Health and Wellness for nine years.
Australia's Hearing Life General Manager, Ashley Wilson, indicated that, "A traditional career path for an audiologist or audiometrist is generally a position in either a hospital, university or private clinic and most do not have the financial means to compete with the marketing dollars being invested by the larger hearing care retailers.
Our franchise model provides the audiologist or audiometrist interested in owning and managing their own business with the supporting infrastructure necessary to compete in the marketplace.
Community Nurse Audiometrists Association Inc, 28th Annual Conf.