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Synonyms for sampling

items selected at random from a population and used to test hypotheses about the population

measurement at regular intervals of the amplitude of a varying waveform (in order to convert it to digital form)

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Although, if you go to the "page source" of Google research website and look at the filenames of the audio samples, one of the filename will be labeled "gen" indicating that's the AI generated sample.
The generated values are signed with the signs of the corresponding audio samples before enrolled in the transmission stage.
The theme from E3 was recreated entirely from audio samples of a cartridge that's more than a decade old.
These online and mobile-friendly digital catalogs contain virtually everything a music director will need to easily make decisions on performance music, including audio samples, full scores, information about the titles and supplemental resources.
Scanned photographs and audio samples were included, as parts of Conover's collection, which was donated to the University of North Texas in 1997.
Before the technology I use now came along I used to throw audio samples like quotes from StarWars or Scarface into my sets.
The Beamz works by linking a set of audio samples to each laser.
The accompanying CDROM contains audio samples for study.
There are also audio samples to help you along the way.
The New York Times' Christine Buckley on The Caucus gives audio samples of calls one family received:
This is because digital audio samples audio instead of providing all pieces of an audio file.
Smart Recorder software is included to let you record music and audio samples in 24-bit audio quality with high-fidelity 24-bit/96kHz inputs.
Entrants had to upload footage or audio samples of themselves performing and Jon's performances of Recondita Armonia, from Puccini's Tosca; Una furtiva lagrima from Donizetti's Opera L'elisir d'amore; and the Flower Song from Carmen impressed all who heard them.