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Synonyms for sampling

items selected at random from a population and used to test hypotheses about the population

measurement at regular intervals of the amplitude of a varying waveform (in order to convert it to digital form)

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This presentation included several audio samples from the Feinberg collection at the Tchaikovsky Conservatory.
Are we talking about the same Genod Droog who have been wowing Welsh audiences since the beginning of the year with their eclectic mix of Welsh folk, weird audio samples and cutting-edge hip-hop?
The Nexidia language models are developed based on audio samples incorporating gender, dialects, accents, pronunciation patterns and data capture methods.
The information, including consumer entertainment information, audio samples of CDs, reviews of new movies, bibliographic details on novels and descriptions of multimedia video games, will be licensed to the sites.
In the collective Coldcut/ Headspace's Gridio, visitors trigger video projections and audio samples by stepping on pressure pads on the floor.
When he launched the Sly Fi Network, his new Website, the former Eurythmics star asked fans to post lyrics onto a bulletin board or send audio samples over the Net.
Darrell Gunn, Web site director for Def Jam Records, explains how he's making good use of the XING technology: "We're going to have touring information files, artist bios, a newsletter with the latest in hip-hop, audio samples, video samples and screen savers.
The pocket-sized stereo microphone accessories each turn the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch into audio recorders that deliver bit-perfect streaming with no added or dropped audio samples.
Songfreedom's unique product offering provided SteadyRain's web development team the opportunity to create an ecommerce solution that not only allows a user to legally license some of today's most popular music, such as Jason Mraz, Colbie Caillat, Rob Thomas, and Ingrid Michaelson, but to also create a shopper-rich experience that includes audio samples of the songs available, just as traditional consumer-targeted music sites offer their customers.
Before this technology existed I was just DJing, which I still do, but even then when I was making mixes for CDs I would always include audio samples from films and this meant I could include the video, too.
The workbook-style text features perforated pages, and contains 24 case studies for 11 disorders across the lifespan, plus pre- and post-therapy audio samples on the companion CD-ROM.
Called "Sound Reasoning," the course comes complete with on-screen audio samples that demonstrate concepts explained in the text and interactive exercises that offer immediate feedback on why a response is correct or incorrect.
In addition to its four built-in audio samples, KICK, SNARE, CLAP and HI HAT, other audio samples edited in Pioneer's remixbox software can be loaded using an SD card (not included) during DJ play.
In an interactive multimedia simulation study, audio samples were provided in various user scenarios, including both 'standard' quality and Siemens Enterprise Communications' AudioPresence (TM)[sup.
The Audible iAd campaign features audio samples, video, and the ability to shake The Daily Show's Jon Stewart to hear audio clips from his new book.